Prayers Needed

by Saoirse 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Father we lift dear Saoirse up to you now Lord. We pray your will be done in her life and her beloved Grandmother's. Lord God send your angels to protect her and watch over her while she travels. Provide for her financial needs, and emotional needs Lord we ask. We thank you and praise you Father for your goodness and mercy. In Jesus Holy name we pray, Amen

  • arwen

    Keeping you in my prayers as you travel the sad jouney to your grandmother's side. I pray that the God of all comforts will comfort you in your time of need. with my love, Arwen

  • Purza

    Thinking of you and sending good thoughts in your time of need. Please drive safely.


  • joelbear

    positive thoughts flowing your way

    use this time to meditate on the good times you shared with her and the warm feelings you

    hold for you. yes it will make you cry, but in those tears will be the joy that you had in

    knowing her.


  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Thinking of grams and you.

    Best wishes

  • Mum

    Prayers and positive thoughts and wishes are with you.

    My dear grandmother died in February of 2000. A good grandmother is a very special person in one's life. My heartfelt sympathy is with you.

  • jschwehm

    If you need prayers for anything...just email us at [email protected] and at tell us what to pray for.

    Jeff S.

  • telltruth

    Saoirse.... wishing you a safe trip. your grandmother will be happy to have you by her side. being there will bring peace to both of you....telltruth

  • Es

    Hope you have a safe trip you are in my thoughts.


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