Finally got scans of the new blood card

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  • glitter

    On Friday an elder said to me "A lot of Worldly People are choosing not to have blood because of the risks." and I just looked at him like he was a moron (which he is) and said "Perhaps, but if it came down to a "risk" versus *dying* they'd have no religious objection would they?" He just didn't get it.

    It's *fine* to say "I'd *prefer* you didn't give me a blood transfusion, but if you have to then you have to" but "Just let me or my kid bleed to death" is insanity.

    With ex-JWs and associated-non-JWs it's a phobia, they seem to get grossed out by the idea as if they imagine having to *drink* another person's blood.

  • PoppyR

    I really dont feel it's a 'drinking blood' kind of thing, in my experience it's because we were taught (read brainwashed) all the bad things ie the health risks about blood to the point where lots of ex JWs still wouldn't take blood because they have not been fully informed. the BIG news, although not as big as I had hoped, struck a nerve in this regard, because I was also one of those who gullibly believed everything I had been taught.

    Poppy x

  • feelinsketchy

    I find it interesting that point 6 requires that you make your medical records available to the elders...why?

  • lucifer

    hahah oh god, who would honestly want a person who has no medical training to have access to your records!not me

  • juni

    I'm sure they want a copy of your medical files, etc. so that they can determine and see for themselves your medical condition and therefore judge the decision you made for yourself. I wonder if there will be any backlash if you checked off something they didn't approve of?


  • dmouse

    Hmmm, the main difference seems to be that the new card contains NO mention of medical 'risk' associated with blood transfusions, almost as if they KNEW about the 'big news' quite a long time ago.

  • Mary
    But in the instructions they refer you to a watchtower article and talk about using your "bible trained conscience" (ie watchtower trained conscience). So even though they say it's a personal choice, that personal choice better be NO!

    Ya, kinda like when Hitler was running for Chancellor. In the voting booth, (complete with an armed guard), there was a card asking what your vote was: Did you want Hitler to become Chancellor? There was a great big YES and a tiny little "no". If you didn't want to be shot, you voted "Yes".

    The WTS is getting more pathetic with each passing year. I think the idiots in charge should be declared incompetent or insane and thrown in to the loonie bin. This is where their whining and nashing of their false teeth will be. Assholes.

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