What's Your LIFE MUSIC?

by prophecor 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prophecor

    Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year....runnin after the same old ground, and how we found, year after year, wish you were here/

    ...I am comfortably numb...

    Kindred Spirits Two Lips.

    Odrade, It's all OK. This is just the other side of my life as regards music. There are many.

    Like...Strechin' Out and a Hangin Looose in a Rubber Band / Bootsy Collins w Parliament Funkedelic and before that James Brown / Booker T & the MG's sounds good to me.

    60's California. Sly Stone & The 5th Dimension

    Thanks all for sharing

    Especially you Brother Dave

  • twolips

    aahh.. Sly and the family stone.

    How about makingout to "Livin for the love of you" Isley Brothers.

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