Can someone explain the whole Armageddon/judgement thing to me??

by Super_Becka 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Can someone explain the whole Armageddon/judgement thing to me??

    yes becka,

    god judges and kills all those who disagree with him! simple. jehovah's witnoids or other xians, jews and moslems, whatever, it's the same. god kills those who disagree with him in the end.

    yes, it's that simple.


  • garybuss

    Judgement is past for the anointed. Judgement is future for the rest of the world. This life is an application for "great crowd / other sheep" designation AFTER Armageddon. See Watchtower 1995.

  • heathen

    Armageddon is Really a spiritual war that has been going on since the appointed times of nations reached it's conclusion which the WTBTS claims was 1914 . The devil was hurled down to the earth with his minions and began to attack would be followers of christianity by using the worlds political entities and persecution , this was to test and prove who the true believers are and allow for the saints to prove their integrity so they could receive a share in ruling with christ in the millenial reign. This testing period ends on what is called , " The great fear inspiring day of God Almighty." According to revelation , at which time all nations and kingdoms on earth are brought to ruin and all those that worship the beast and it's image are destroyed .

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