How many ex JWs return to the Borg?

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  • GentlyFeral

    The only statistics I know of are two somewhat vague ones:

    • A talk I heard in the mid-70's, where it was stated that only half of all DF's/DA's ever return – and that half of the returnees are eventually DF'd or DA'd again; net return, 25%.
    • I remember from David Reed's book, Blood on the Altar, that the "turnover rate" for JW's as a whole is about 50% every 20 years – in other words, half of those baptized in 1985 are gone.


  • ozziepost
    half of those baptized in 1985 are gone.

    I find that very thought-provoking. I wonder if that's our experience? How many from our own congo have left?

    For myself, I find it difficult to answer because of the very high movement rate i.e. the population is transitory, so to figure out if those who left, as in moved away, years ago are still "in" is hard to figure.

    Still I'd be interested to read of more concrete evidence.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I would say that at least 35 people left the jws during my time in and never returned (I made it 36). There were probably about 20 or so more who were df'd and came back. These were almost exclusively one who had most of their family in the org, but not many of them got anywhere in the cong after coming back, they always seemed to be mistrusted by the elders. And that was just in my congregation, it may be different in others, but there foes seem to be general trend in this area to leave and stay out.

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