Blood Card - Why Bother??

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  • sammielee24

    Just finished reading the Big News essay....gotta read it again because I'm so ticked off I probably missed a few points. The bottom line that I get from this is that a witness can take blood and it is totally a conscious matter and has been for years!!! No matter how you cut it, if you can take particles a/b/c/d/e/f/ from blood you might as well take the whole thing. The society had us all believing that we couldn't store our blood but hey, I guess we were all duped on that one as well. As an elder I certainly never heard of all the changes and I know for a fact that no one else I knew heard either. This is a major change that they kept secret. So what's the point of signing a blood card? Whats the point of the HLC? If it's all supposed to do with blood but blood isn't really an issue then what the heck is all this for? Misrepresentation and lies. Might sound stupid but I guess I'm down there with the uneducated JW's and it doesn't feel good. Confuse us with the big words while making it seem as if nothing changed so we didn't question the no blood policy - when in fact it all changed! I know more than a few people who I need to copy this for and send it - I'm so ticked.

  • skyman

    Join the crowd I am sending you a PM.

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    yea that's why a lot of us are here. that's why a lot of us are free too! thank God for new light otherwise we may never have left...


  • Gerard

    I wonder, do the elders check everyone's Blood Cards to make sure they are signed?

  • bythesea

    Last time I signed a bloodcard they were handed out and signed within the person's book study group...that was just last year, I think.

    I'm kind of sweating it this time...not sure what to do...I'm only going to Sunday meetings now when my hubby is home. He usually attends meetings during the week where he works in another city. I know certain brothers have probably questioned him about my absence from book study and the Mins. School....hubby will want to know what I plan to do about my blood card....should I just show him the article that has come out about the misrepresentation of the facts (and Skyman's scriptural take on it was good too!) and tell him I have to think it through before making a decision? Basically that's the truth...but since I'm trying to fade I really don't want any more connection with them than necessary!

    I agree, with all the factions now being allowed how can JW's say they don't take blood still?!


  • Mysterious

    Gerad Ive never seen elders check blood cards. I remember they had to be shown at one convention when the proclaimer's book was released since there was a shortage. It was to determine theocratic seniority. (# years baptized is on the card) However, they are signed at a public setting (book study) though I guess you could be sick that night. But if you are then someone will surely ask if you need help getting your card signed. Of course the other thing to do is sign the ruddy thing then burn it when you get home. I'm not sure but they might check it if you were going in for a procedure to "see if things are in order" but I haven't been in that situation so I don't know what they might do.

  • rebel8
    if you can take particles a/b/c/d/e/f/ from blood you might as well take the whole thing

    That's what I thought until I read the wording in the UK version of the new card. It specifically states primary blood components cannot be accepted, listing plasma, red cells, platelets, etc. I agree that's splitting hairs and makes for a stupid rule, but it is significantly different from what I understood the rule to be. I thought the rule said any fractions were ok and added together all those fractions would equal whole blood. In reality you cannot make whole blood without the primary components listed.

    Does anyone know the current rule about hemophilia factor? Do they (WTS) consider that a primary component or a fraction?

  • AnnOMaly
    The society had us all believing that we couldn't store our blood but hey, I guess we were all duped on that one as well.

    Nope, no dupe. Maybe a temporary softening, but the new blood card in the UK says, "I also refuse to predonate my blood for later infusion." There. No ambiguity.

  • Crumpet

    Gerard as i recall they need to be signed before a witness to be legal expressions of your will.

    wonder, do the elders check everyone's Blood Cards to make sure they are signed?

    hence a good excuse for mr elder to volunteer to be your witness and sign it as you sign it. You can always throw it away if you feel you can;t make a stand of not signing it.

    That reminds me i have an operation coming up in Feb and I need to tell them to give me blood if i need it.

  • sammielee24

    Are the blood card and Watchtower different in the UK and the US? Oct 15/2000 Watchtower says that blood can be withdrawn in order to tag or mix it, prior to a surgery, whereupon it's put back into the patient. This is storing and then transfusing your own blood. June 15/2000, pg 30, says that blood plasma can be a source of various fractions, the other primary components (red cells, white cells, platelets) can be processed into smaller parts....should a Christian accept such fractions in medical treatment? ...A Christian must make their own decision before God. I've re-read the whole essay and there is so much gobbledy-gook that the wtbts has written, so much information that changes and it's so ridiculously broken down it's simply too confusing.

    To me it's pretty simple. They are either saying yes you can or no you can't. Anything else is misleading and politized. A fraction of blood came from blood. If they are saying you can take fractions and it is a matter of conscious without reproof if you do - then one would be silly to sign the blood card if what was holding them back from a possible transfusion is watchtower direction and/or fear of punishment. What is the point then of the HLC exactly? Having been in the hospital before myself and had visits from clergy (and I am not baptized anything), if the HLC were simply going on visits to the sick and elderly to provide support of some sort for them then that's not a problem. It appears that their relationship is only to 'protect' the sick JW from taking blood and taking over their treatment via PA/Authorization of Access. If the answer is no, then they need to simply say no and forget all the double talk or new light junk and state categorically that this is what they believe according to their interruption of the bible. sammieswife.

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