The Logos and Theos in John 1:1

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  • yaddayadda

    Honesty, I fail to understand how listing all those scriptures helps proves the trinity doctrine. Some of them refer to the Father, some refer to the Son, others refer to both in the same verse. If you want to try and argue that any one of those verses indicates that Jesus is equal to the Father, (other than in a temporary functional/administrative sense), then go ahead, I'm happy to offer a rebuttal.

    In Jesus lies all hid treasures of wisdom and knowledge, if you go and read Jesus words with an open, unbiased mind, you cannot see the trinity in anything he said. In Jesus words there is a clear distinction in status and greatness between himself and his Father.

    And I'm happy to research and find some scholars that do not agree with the common rendering of John 1:1

  • greendawn

    TD the lack of the definite article "o" makes the difference, "o theos en o logos" would equate God and the Logos, but what we have is: "theos en o Logos" in this case theos becomes an adjective that describes Logos ie Logos was a God = had divine status. What John tries to convey in my opinion is: not only is Jesus way above mankind but also way above the angels and by the side of God. Don't think that just because he lived among us he is a mere human.

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