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  • AuldSoul

    jgnat, that is downright cruel! LOL

  • inbyathread

    They may be close with this date because if you have opportunity to locate a December 15, 1908 Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence it states in part:

    "This brings us to the second part of the appointed lesson, which stands more particularly related to the Christmas season. It matters not particularly that December 25 is not the anniversary of our Lord's birth, according to the Scriptural account; that really he was born about September 25, nine months later. One day, as well as another, will serve us to commemorate our Saviour's birth in the flesh, as a gift of God's love to a condemned and dying world. Indeed, in some respects December 25, which corresponds to the date of our Lord's annunciation or begetting by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary, may be considered even more appropriate for celebration than the day of his death."

    What wonderful reasoning to show that December 25 is the date the Mary got "knocked up".

    Can we show this to the elders who think that the Watchtower is never wrong?

    Love this old stuff.

  • jgnat

    Well, knock me over with a wet noodle. They DO give a date.

    Watchtower December 15, 2005, page 6, para 4, 5.

    "'What does God's Word, the Bible, say about Jesus' being born on December 25?' you may ask. Actually, the Bible specifies no date for Jesus' birth, and there is no record that Jesus himself spoke of it, much less directed that it be celebrated. However, the Bible does help us to determine the time of year when Jesus was born.

    According to Matthew's Gospel, chapters 26 and 27, Jesus was executed on Nisan 14, late in the day of the Jewish Passover that had begun on March 31, 33 C.E. We learn form Luke's Gospel that Jesus was about 30 years old when he was baptized and began his ministry. (Luke 3:21-23) That ministry lasted three and a half years. Therefore, Jesus was about 33 1/2 years old when he died. He would have turned 34 about October 1, 33 C.E. Luke reports that at the time of Jeus' birth, shepherds were "living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks." (Luke 2:8) Shepherds would not have been out with their flocks in the cold of December, when it may even snow in the vicinity of Bethlehem. But they could have been there with their flocks about October 1, which according to the evidence is when Jesus was born.

    Some misinformation in these paragraphs.

    • It is tradition that places Jesus' birth in year 1. We don't really know.
    • How many abouts do you see? He was about thirty.
    • What establishes a ministry of three and a half years?
    • Jesus may not have directed to worship his birth, but the angels certainly were. Luke 2:8-12

    Mat 8:20

    And Jesus said to him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of heaven have a resting-place; but the Son of man has nowhere to put his head.
  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    And all this time I thought it was October THIRTY first.

  • Spectrum

    "How many abouts do you see?; He was about thirty."

    Historians and scholars will tell you that the word 'about' could be as much as +/- 2 or 3 years. According to comet data they place his birth between March and June 6/7BC.

  • stillajwexelder

    born in the fall would have been more accurate - or born around early october

  • badboy

    Someone was saying on another thread that Julius worked out that Jesus was born on December 25 from lost Roman census records.


  • jgnat

    The roman census would have been a check mark. Civilizations didn't start recording peasant births until the 1800's. Here's a good link on the issue.

  • carla

    They got a thing for October don't they? Let's see, the world ends in October, Jesus is born in October, and I think there was something else they claim in October. weirdos.

  • jgnat

    Now, Carla, October is a very fine month indeed, and is no less than it's brothers, September and November.

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