Did God create good and evil?

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  • Cognitive_Dissident

    Deputy Dog
    How do you deal with or "anaesthetize" evil, pain or "reality"?

    I try not to anaesthetize reality at all. The whole concept of reality, what's actually real and what's not is a whole other discussion in and of itself. But for the most part I try to just feel the things that I experience without numbing myself to their intensity. Most of my memories and life experiences with the witnesses have a thick-skinned bubble around them. I felt very insulated from the effects of life, because I only let the parts which coincided with my very particular beliefs through the bubble.

    Today if I feel pain, or joy, I try not to explain it away in terms of God's long-winded answer to Satan's challenge to his sovereignty. One of the effects of doing just that, for me, was not really being able to feel anything, and feeling like I either wasn't human, or that I was a dead human. Which is exactly where I was at when I left. So I try to experience the feelings that come along and just accept them for what they are, feelings. I was always so hellbent on only having the "right" feelings that I rejected any I didn't think were.


  • JamesThomas

    Did God create good and evil?

    This question assumes a lot. Is there a God out there? Is there good? Is there evil? Or is there just what IS?

    When there are no mental abstract questions blinding consciousness to the present moment, what is here? What is real? What is true?

    When there are no conceptual beliefs about "me" and "other", is there an actual boundary between what sees and what is seen?

    Perhaps the abstract questions become unnecessary, when the important step of true-self-identity is made first. I mean, if the "self" I believe myself to be is a lie, then all sense and perceptions of reality can not help but be grossly tainted by such a dark glass.


  • JamesThomas

    I would like to add that the mind works well for breaking things apart into seemingly tiny pieces that life may be lived on a practicle level, e.g.: you better know the difference between a purring kitten and a speeding train. However, questions regarding "God -- which really is a word we use referring to ultimate truth -- the reductionism of the mind does not work.

    We are not seeking for a piece we can describe, we are seeking ungraspable wholeness. We are not seeking some thing alive, but rather Life itself. In other words our questions regarding God, or Truth, have an answer too vast and huge for the mind to ever begin to comprehend. That's the bad news. However, the good news is, is that truth too big to know -- as we can know little things -- can be lived.

    This is why it is so very important to be still of all words, thoughts and beliefs, that what all these things arise within may be realized.

    In other words: you can not find God in a book, you find it as your own true being, or not at all.


  • LittleToe


    You don't think man has the desire and ability to create things?

    I would suggest that his artistry transcends the abilities of the animals, especially where he consciously sits down to plan and act.

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