Is Blood Now 'The Tail Wagging The Dog'?

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  • DanTheMan

    Excellent thread. The WTS is definitely in the paranoid-crackdown phase of their high-control cycle.

    I went to that silly "special meeting" at the Silverdome back in 2001, it was one of the last JW functions I ever attended. After it was over I was like "WTF was that all about?" Sir82's theory sounds plausible to me, definitely.

  • metatron

    I like your theory too, sir82. It would explain a lot ............but ......

    If true, what does your theory imply? If true , then the organization must be led by a collection of blind fanatics

    and unbelieving cynics!

    So, you put together a meeting in which you are about to abandon a whole package of Witness beliefs and practises.

    Suddenly, 9-11 erupts and a pack of Theocratic Neo-Cons ( emphasis on the "Con") take control. You scramble to kiss

    butt and deny that you ever doubted blah, blah ,blah.

    But this isn't faith, it's just compliance. This would go a long way to explain why a historically reactionary organization

    has lost its voice in recent years! If Knorr was alive in the internet era, he'd burst all the blood vessels in his head!

    It would also explain why the publications look like recycled 'cut n' paste' and why the Society acts like "they're phoning

    it in" often with a greater malaise manifested than their poor thralls!

    You may have a few True Believers at the helm - surrounded by discreet cynics who know it's all bull sh*t. I have encountered

    this sort of feeling when I called Patterson in the past. You sense you're dealing with people who are just doing their jobs, like

    any corporation , apart from real personal faith.


  • proplog2

    They have two options. 1. Give up the erroneous blood doctrine and lose their control 2. Dig in with hope that either Armageddon will rescue them or a technological break through comes along with an oxygen carrying replacement for red blood cells.

    The obvious choice is DIG IN.

  • sf

    God, how I love a precision implosion.

    Can't wait!!

    Even looks a little like the WTBTS building, eh?



  • observador

    Below is the Blood Card of 2001 that was supposed to be but never became, referred to by sir82.
    Thanks AlanF.

    2001 Blood Card that was ordered destroyed

  • startingover

    Interesting comments about the 2001 special meeting. I remember some speculation at the time that this meeting had something to do with the UN, as that scandal surfaced about the same time. Someone thought they were going to dismiss the longstanding stance against the UN at the meeting and use as proof that Jehovah approved their association for the last 10 years during which time they apparantly continued to be blessed.

    I suppose we will never know exactly what was going to happen, but whatever it was it was obviously derailed.

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