Is Jehovah Mentally Unstable?

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    A friend of mine showed me as interesting scripture, Ex. 4:24 that talks about Jehovah showing up in person to kill Moses, but was talked out of it by Moses' wife because from what the Bible says she circumcised her son and threw the foreskin at his feet. She then called him a blood-smeared bridegroom, referring to the circumcision and the Lord left him alone. You can't hardly make any sense out of the whole story because it says she circumcised her son and then it alludes to Moses being the one circumcised. Besides all that jibberish, the point I'm getting to is that in the previous verses Jehovah chose Moses to represent him before Pharoah even showing him the staff into the snake trick. Jehovah also gets him a helper, his brother Aaron and sends him down to Egypt. I guess in all the scurry of events Jehovah forgot Moses had a foreskin, which he remembers later and decides I got to kill this unclean dude. Jehovah doesn't tell him what's wrong, but seeks to kill him. Now Moses' wife is smarter than Jehovah's appointed representative, whips out the flint and the foreskin flies. Jehovah is appeased. I never could understand that foreskin thing, I mean we were made with it, I guess Adam had one, so if Jehovah doesn't like it, he should be pissed at himself for giving us one. I guess that foreskin thing has just driven him crazy. I guess when God sees a foreskin its like a bull seeing red, he just wants to kill, kill, kill.
    People in society with problems like this are classified as mentally unstable. They are usually scooped up by the men in little white suits. I think he at least needs an anger management class. How do you feel?

  • cheezy

    I'll pass.

  • blakky

    I seriously dont think GOD would be unstable mentally.

    And to suggest such a thing would be offensive to some people.

  • VM44

    Nate Merit's book addresses this topic.

    Chapter 4. The Fable Of Jewish Monotheism
    Chapter 6. Wisdom And The Serpent
    Chapter 7. The Blame Game
    Chapter 8. The God Of This World
    Chapter 9. The Bible-God Reveals Itself
    Chapter 10. Reincarnation In The Bible
    Chapter 13. The Matrix Is Real
    Chapter 14. Using The Key
    Chapter 15. The Kingdom Of God
    Chapter 16. God The Mother
    Chapter 18. Adolph Hitler And Jehovah
    Chapter 19. The Gospel Of Joe Hovah
    Chapter 20. Common Questions And Objections
    Chapter 21. A Brief Summary
    Chapter 22. Where To Go From Here

  • anewme

    I agree with Blakky.

  • jstalin

    Shootist is right.... can anyone rationally explain Jehover's behavior in regards to the Moses foreskin story?

  • greendawn

    I doubt whether stories from 1500 BC came to us undistorted contrary to what the inerrantists (that includes the JWs) have too say. Not all of the Bible we have is inspired and infallible. Only part of it.

  • JamesThomas
    I seriously dont think GOD would be unstable mentally.

    And to suggest such a thing would be offensive to some people.

    Yes, of course our true Source would not likely be mentally unstable. And yes there are indeed people who would be offended by the mere suggestion of such a thing. Ironically, it is likely that these same people find no offense with the vengeful and murderous god that is depicted in the Bible who does indeed act like a raging psychopath as he slaughters his children wholesale if his little ego gets the slightest bruised.

    There is no higher form of evil than the mass slaughter of men, women and children. That the Bible so blatantly presents a god in such a light, and that people accept it without question, is amazing. There seems to be a lot of mental instability going around.


  • doogie
    Not all of the Bible we have is inspired and infallible. Only part of it.

    i don't mean this as rudely as it's going to sound, but this is the funniest thing i've read in awhile.

  • Pistoff

    I can just hear the conversation:

    "Dang it Moses, I told you to circumcise that boy, before YHWH gets mad!! I finally got rid of him by doing it myself and tossing it at him!"

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