What's the key to regular sex in a long-term relationship?

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  • happysunshine
  • ozziepost

    why'd you want to know?

  • LittleToe

    Don't shower, never buy any new clothes or gifts and completely let yourself go. If you can produce an extra spare-tyre, avoid brushing your teeth and eat garlic, onions and spicey foods, so much the better! If you can muster being grouchy and irritable, and maybe repetitive in your speech and requests, and hide behind a newspaper morning and night... oh and tape the TV remote to your wrist!

    This will pretty much guarantee that the sex regularly becomes less than an annual event. That was what you wanted, right?

  • FlyingHighNow

    I'd ask, "What are the keys?" Seems to me there are a lot of factors that vary with individual couples. I think good health and genuinely liking each other as well as loving each other would help the most.


    You have to find the magical key:

    You might have to climb the tallest mountains, swim the widest oceans, cross deserts, etc. to find it...I'm sure you get the picture!


  • lv4fer

    I've been married 22 years. There are ups and downs. Treating eachother well and being caring and loving during the day not just when you want a little. Communication. It's about more than just sex. It's about the whole package.

  • jgnat

    When I read the topic line? First thought that popped in to my head, the Calendar.

  • Elsewhere

    Inebriation and Lubrication

    Oh wait, never mind... that's for another "big" problem.

  • gumby

    well....for a guy, you hafta hide your ugly nutsack. Nutsacks make women puke and that's why the lord hid them behind a mans testicles........but, if a man is seen from behind to where the testies do not hide the dreaded scrotum bag, the pukin begins and sex goes out the window. Hide the nutsack I say.


  • tijkmo

    treat them mean....keep them keen

    do that to each other...the key to eternal happiness

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