Can you drink alcohol?

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  • niceguest

    So is it a bad idea to give a nice bottle of wine (about $30-40)?

  • cheezy

    Lotsa drinkers in the borg..............................

  • jeanniebeanz
    So is it a bad idea to give a nice bottle of wine (about $30-40)?

    No, not at all. Some witnesses drink, some do not. It's up to each one. Sounds like a lovely gift. But if it's for Christmas, they don't celebrate. What kind did you buy?? Out of curiosity... Jeannie

  • niceguest

    It is not for Christmas

    We just finished a big project for him and it is a way of saying thanks.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Sounds marvelous. Very thoughtful and not many people would take the care you have in finding out if their gift is appropriate.

    Very nice, niceguest.


  • Gerard

    Niceguy, your JW client will love this book instead.

  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster

    Of course I drink. After all, it's allowed by my district overbeer.

  • mkr32208

    I LOVE tequila... I'll drink other things but don't really like them... Just tequila, weird!

    I have a bar in my house with about $1500 worth of booze expensive scotch and brandy a gazillion bottles of who knows what all. People ask me "how can you afford to have a bar stocked like that?" Ha jokes on them I don't drink any of it! My wife likes rum and I like tequila the rest just sits there gathering dust! I've got 4 bottles that I bought on my honeymoon TEN YEARS AGO!

  • blondie

    If JWs live in an area where drinking is against the local law, they are supposed to obey them, officially.

    J.F. Rutherford, president of the Watchtower Society, from 1918 to 1942, felt that the prohibition of alcohol in the US was a plot of Satan.

  • Satanus


    That reminds me of the bottle scotch that i had sitting in the cupboard for at least 15 yrs. It was given to me by a connected exbethelite after i (who was in bethel at the time) and another bethelite did a bit of work for him, and we all got drunk. Fun time.


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