The Life of an Atheist and Agnostic

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  • Golf

    What do you base your hopes,dreams,aspirations and your eventuality on?


  • forsharry

    Your question makes us sound like we're some kind of alien being, Golf.

    I base my hopes, dreams and aspirations on the same things most other peoples do. I hope to be happy, I dream to have a family and maybe I job that I am content with. I want to be safe and secure and am working towards being able to attain that for myself. I aspire to be the best Forsharry I can help others when they need it, to lend an ear, and maybe a shoulder to cry on.

    I just don't occupy my time in worshipping what I feel to be an unworthy 'god.' Call me weak, but there's no proof that anything's out there other than a lot of space dust and in all actuality a WHOLE lot of nothing. (Space is mostly a void, eh?) Therefore I don't store up my treasure in the after-life, again, one which we have no proof for and instead live for the one life I know for sure I'm going to get. Maybe that's very closed-minded of me, but I spent half my life living in a cult where living with the life that we were given was technically verboten and all we had was a hope of a paradise...maybe...and every minute of every second had to be given over to the slavemaster, Jehovah. No thanks. If that is what a god truly asks of his creations then maybe he should have simply stuck with the dinosaurs.

  • Scully
    What do you base your hopes,dreams,aspirations and your eventuality on?

    Life is what I make of it, and if I live it well - the way I want to, while still keeping to my personal values and ethics, there will be no need for me to have an afterlife.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    as an agnostic I dont know (^_^).

    and so I dont have to pretend to worry about what I dont know either....what I do know is that I am alive now, and it always seems to be now, whenever I think about being alive....and now is the only moment I have ever found myself in and I have no recollection of ever being non-existant and dont see how I ever will so there is no reason to worry about that either.

    I find all goals I have ever had revolve around peace of mind, regaining it, losing it, finding it, etc.... there are many ways to lose it, and there seems to be more skillful ways to regain it that I have come to understand in recent times then while I was a JW who never concerned themselves about peace of mind outside of doing the will of God which of course never gave peace of mind only inadequacy as planned.

    so with my best skills, I gamble with each move I have open to me towards peace of mind and assess the consequences and prepare my next move.

  • JH

    I hope to live eternally like the creator promissed. I'll never say, I had enough, ok now I'm ready to die.

  • jstalin

    I base my life goals and aspirations around two things:

    1) Personal fulfillment. I love learning and challenging myself.

    2) Improving the lives of those around me.

  • funkyderek


    What do you base your hopes,dreams,aspirations and your eventuality on?

    Short answer: On reality.

    Long answer: I would like to live forever or at least considerably longer than the 80 years I'll get if I'm lucky. However, I have no reason to believe it's possible to do so. All I can do is try to live the best possible life, do more good than harm and hope that my legacy is a positive one for the lucky few who get to experience the adventure we call life.

  • mkr32208

    I live in comfort, confident that the magic invisible man in the sky can't hurt me!

    [edited for insulting remark] Your question is insulting and foolish! The real question is; How does a christian get throught the day when nothing they do on this world matters in the end?

    I care for the environment more than most because I KNOW that JEBUS isn't going to do it! I try to help my fellowman because god is NOT going to step in! I try to make the world a better place for my children and instill in them a desire to do the same because THAT is the only way to save mankind!

  • lonelysheep
    What do you base your hopes,dreams,aspirations and your eventuality on?


    My own goals, dreams and aspirations come from within myself. Nothing mystical has a part in it. That's always been the case with me, which is why deep down, I never really believed in anything godlike.

    What do you base your everyday life on?

  • Maryjane

    I was "new agey" before I became a JW and I am kinda "new agey" now that I've left. These days I live in the NOW. If I die and there is no consciousness after death I won't be disappointed anymore than I "missed" being alive before I was born.

    I don't totally discount the notion of a 'god' but my perception of what 'god' is has changed (e.g. I've been reading all sorts of "out there" stuff like Zecharia Sitchin's "Earth Chronicles" ancient astronaut stuff, books on Quantum physics/psychology/consciousness, etc. etc.)

    There are times too when I get into my "matrix" frame of mind and realize this could all be one really sh*tty dream my consciousness is having.

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