Give ideas for "Last minute Christmas gift buyers"

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  • JH

    OK, how about giving original ideas to poeple who don't know what to buy as Christmas gift to their loved ones.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    For $35 you can go to Victoria Secret and get a sampler of Pefumes for Women or Men - there's gotta be one in there that your Giftee will like.

    The one for men is called Very Sexy & Very Sexy 2 - both smell very nice and what man wouldn't like to be called....Very Sexy!

    Cashmere Gloves & scarves are nice and not too spendy. Who doesn't like something soft.....

    $$$$, gift cards, and coupons for favors are good. I'd like to get one to have my truck cleaned....I hate to do that!


  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Have any friends with kids who barely get out of the house to do something fun? Buy them a gift certificate for a local restaurant or movie theatre along with a little note offering your services as a babysitter for the evening. And for the kids, give them a DVD or game that they like that you promise to come and enjoy with them on the night that you babysit them.
    I also think that gift certificates for a massage or facial are great gifts. Who doesn't like to be pampered? I used to work next to a spa and I know that even the guys loved to receive these gift certificates.
    tall penguin

  • littlerockguy

    I can never get enough socks; white, athletic, thin, casual or dress; like huge towels I never have enough; probably since I keep losing the mates to them, lol

  • forsharry

    Of course there is my personal favorite...booze!

    Get a nice bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses. :)

    gift cards to movies or restaurants are always well's a chance for a date!

    For a girl, a beautiful knit scarf and glove and hat (if you live in the colder climes.) I saw a box of slippers that have built in massagers into them...saw it at a department store ala macy's/dillards/etc.

    Margarita mixes in a box (if your person is into that kind of thing.) I know I bought my friend an acetelyne (sp) torch so she could make creme brulee...or torment my cats...whatever. ;)

    if they like books...get them a giftcard for a book store.

  • Miss_MG

    went to the movies tonight and people were buying movie gift vouchers as presentsI thought that was a good idea.

  • Scully

    Gift cards for

    • their favorite specialty coffee/tea
    • their favorite video store
    • their favorite restaurant
    • their favorite store(s)
    • movie tickets

    A nice bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses to go with it.

    A basket with lotions and bubble bath.

    A basket with samples of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, candies, etc.

    Festive floral arrangements.

    A special Christmas ornament, that they wouldn't buy for themselves.

  • Ned

    Gift cards to Movie Theatres. Pick them up at the grocery store.

    Roses for the wife. Penlight for dad. Bowl tickets for me, and make it a Bowl game in someplace without SNOW.


  • kls

    A real pet monkey ,,,,,please

  • cruzanheart

    Ack! Last-minute Christmas shopping is REALLY STRESSFUL!!! I like all of the above suggestions, and I'll add "chocolate" to it. Last night I remembered that I hadn't gotten any of the kids' teachers anything (I was going to bake but didn't get around to it), so I ran into Barnes & Noble Book Store, where I knew they have a modest array of Godiva chocolates, and picked up a box of chocolates for each teacher. Nothing too expensive, just enough to show we appreciate what they're doing every day. Jennie (who is in middle school and has FIVE teachers this year) said her teachers' eyes lit up when they saw the chocolates.

    And the kids say they don't know what to stuff my Christmas stocking with . . . hmmmmmm.


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