Did YOU Ever Get Into Trouble While Another JW Got Off The Hook???

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  • minimus

    How many here got the raw end of a deal and got punished for something while another person who did the exact same thing got off without hardly a whisper? ........It's all about who ya know!

  • stillAwitness

    Plenty of times!

    Its all about your status. If I was to cancel out on a talk the school overseer would look at me like the bad little JW that I am.

    Let that little heifer whose an auxiliary pioneer and never misses the chance to comment on a "personal expierence" she's had to endure cancel a talk and it "oh thats alright little one!"

  • minimus

    Then I shoulda been df'd a long time ago!

  • katiekitten

    Not in any official capacity, but my mum always used to have buckets of sympathy and understanding for other kids at KH that were doing naughty things, and she always thought I was a real bad kid, a handful, I wouldnt listen to guidance, she couldnt tell me anything, I was rebellious and headstrong.

    For instance my friend got D'fed for shagging my bible study when I was 17. Mum had loads of sympathy for him - his parents didnt understand him, he was treated harshly by the elders. Another friend had an affair with another dubs wife - mum had plenty of sympathy for him. He was a genuine kind brother (which was true), he was misunderstood and treated badly. Another of my friends had oral sex with his g/f, but mum felt really sorry for him because he was way more intelligent than his parents, and only mum 'really understood' him.

    I got told I would be refused pioneer status because I had bought a second hand winter coat and it buttoned up the mans way instead of the womans way, and mum vilified me as rebellious and scruffy.

    I guess it still hurts...

  • ballistic
    For instance my friend got D'fed for shagging my bible study

    How does that go down on the field service report?

  • ButtLight

    Yep! Was disfellowshipped at 18 for fornication. I confessed. Another girl bragged about fornication, then denied it, she go reproved. Now,antoher girl confessed the same thing, got pregnant, and only was put on reproof! Hmm funny how it works hey?

  • katiekitten
    How does that go down on the field service report

    It was quite funny how I found out. She suddenly stopped having a study and I was really puzzled cos she had been mega keen up until very recently. I kept trying to get in touch with her and ask her what was wrong. Eventually she told me she was feeling guilty because she had been going to a local nightclub.

    So one day I was talking to my mum about it, and I said Alex has told me why shes stopped her study, I know everything. And mum said 'yes shes had sex with Chris'.

    I said 'OH! I just thought she was going to The Frontier!' My mum was dead embarrased. Apparently it was a state secret from me.

  • ballistic

    Our circuit overseer always said to look for people with the 3 H's... Hungry, Humble and Honest. Now, your study was obviously Horny as well.

  • katiekitten

    Our CO used to say that too. Gee I remember thinking it was soooooo clever. When I met really nice intelliegent people who werent interested in da troof I used to say to myself 'they just arent hungry for the truth'. YEUCH!

  • hamsterbait

    Yes - I know so many I can't count.

    Elders daughter has children TWICE to the same man she was seeing. She said her only regret was that she hadn't had twins. Nothing.

    Elders son is sleeping with men for years, whilst pioneering. Nothing.

    Brother arrested for strangling the prostitute he was seeing before he got married. Private reproof.

    Pioneer goes to live with a girl. Breaks up, then lives with a man. Nothing.

    Girl admits to smoking a cigarette. DF.

    Brother collects a stash of boobie mags, for the usual teenager reasons. DF.

    Obviously god really does like to forgive in the largest way possible - so if you do sin, make it a BIG ONE.


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