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  • blondie

    This is just a means of boosting their statistics.


    km 5/02 p. 1 Are You Using the Require Brochure to Start Studies? ***

    Did you realize that if you regularly and systematically have Bible discussions, though brief, with an interested person and cover material in one of the recommended publications, you are conducting a Bible study? Yes, this is true even if the study takes place on the doorstep or over the telephone. Why not make a special effort during May and June to start such a study using the Require brochure?


    km 1/03 p. 4 Teach Others the Pure Language ***

    An approach that has proved to be effective with busy people is to conduct a brief Bible study right on their doorstep. (km 5/02 p. 1) Have you tried this? When you are preparing to make a return visit, select from the January 2002 Our Kingdom Ministry insert a presentation that fits the householder. Many of the presentations in this insert are designed to lead directly into a discussion of the Require brochure or the Knowledge book. Practice the presentation so that you can move smoothly from the introduction to a discussion of one of the paragraphs. Select one or two scriptures from the paragraph to read and discuss, and formulate a question with which to conclude. That will help lead into the paragraph you plan to cover on the next visit.


    km 4/03 p. 8 Return Visits Lead to Bible Studies ***


    Bible-Study Conscious: Make return visits with the objective of starting a Bible study. How can this be done? Mention that you would like to share an interesting point, and open to a paragraph in the Knowledge book or Require brochure that you think will appeal to the person. Read the paragraph, consider the question, and discuss one or two of the cited scriptures. This can be done right at the doorstep in five to ten minutes. Conclude by raising the next question and making arrangements to continue the discussion at another time.
  • cyber-sista

    these door step studies have been going on for a few years now. I remember talks given about having these studies and how it was best not to really tell the householder that it was a study, but just to tell them you would like to share some information with them and then keep it brief--about 10 minutes or so. The thing was you could still call it a study even though the person on the other side of the door didn't actually know that they were having a study. Looks like a way to pump up the numbers on the bible studies to me. It always felt a bit sneaky to me. I never had one, but the ones I saw conducted were with people who didn't know how to close the door. Seriously, there was an alcoholic woman--a woman who was retarded and a few others who just stood there staring blankly while the pioneer sister rambled on not even taking note of the look on the faces of the ones she was speaking at. It was actually very sad and pathetic as these people truly did need some help, but it wasn't going to come from the WT.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    What I love about such a tactic as this. The R&F just eat it up. "Oh we are so near the end, a 15 min bible study, is anough to change/mess up someones life."

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