Scientology Cure for 9/11 Sickness--Drink Mazola & Go to the Sauna

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  • rebel8
  • mrsjones5

    And I used to really like Tom Cruise (he resembles a crush that I had in high school) but now I jus think he's crazy. Looks hot but crazy.

  • Bryan

    This guy is ruining his career.


  • Elsewhere

    I've got some very very special Distilled Water that can cure ANYTHING!

    Allow me the opportunity to give enough people a dose of my CURE and I guarantee a few people will be cured of whatever they have.

  • Muffinman

    Does anybody have $6,250.00 I can borrow?


  • wednesday

    I have gone to the site and read through it , and they do not advise everyone to detox. They are not going to get hit with a lawsuit b/c they are careful. Persons in bad health (who else is reading their site??) are advised to only detox under medical supervision. They don't give you (or I could not find) the actual detox program online , probably b/c they are selling a box.

    Using mozola and a sauna. Ok, I use fish oil and definitely feel bettter since starting it. My Lipid Profile, all the numbers involved , have all come down just b/c of the fish oil . I made no other changes in my diet/exercise.. Drinking water is always been recognized as healthly. If i could use a sauna, probably it would be of some value.

    Not taking excessive pills, good idea.. Not smoking, using, pesticides , etc, all good ideas.

    Tom Cruise comes off very ignorant and arrogant. He seems a silly person who lacks in maturity and common sense. I'm surprised he did not become one JWS. He is indeed causing problems to his career, people will think about the silly things he has said before going to his movies. I know I have. I just can't watch him any longer knowing he believes the stuff he does .He's bought into the belief that all health problems can be cured by their version of healthy living. That is just not true, no more than God's kingdom will bring good health to all.

    I'd be interested in reading what they say to do to detox but i'll be darn if I buy the book. I'd read it b/c there probably are some things of value in it. But to advise people to stop taking medicines, very irresponible of Tom Cruise. (of course he's not a doctor or the head of scientology church) I wonder if that is the offical line of Scientology? Or do they defer to "seek advise from your physican" /.which if JWS had done, would probably leave them free and clear on the blood lawsuits I hope to see.


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    Tom Cruise when are you going to wake up?


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    Oh by the way send me 6 grand and ill give you a miracle cure too. lol


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