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  • stillAwitness

    I had a talk last week(by the way thanks to everyone who helped me out )

    But the brother gave me such "loving counsel" letting me know I have to work on the study point again: Use of An Outline beacause I was supposed to actually write out an outline instead of just reading straight from the script.

    What is this? English Class? Sometimes being at the meetings, going through the routine gets too be so overwhelming and ridiculous. I've got a full load of classes to worry about, tuition to pay, a job to find asap and a boyfriend who keeps drunk dialing me at 3 am every friday night just to tell me he loves me.

    Sometimes I want to just come home, have all my stuff packed, jump on a Greyhound and leave this life behind.

    A girl full of dreams with no where to go. How sad.


  • AuldSoul

    I am still unclear why your mom is forcing you to be on the school while you are in school...maybe you could explain to her that the stress is getting to you and tell her how it makes you feel to be criticized for doing your best on the talks...

    I don't know...but it is a tough spot and I feel for you.


  • prophecor
  • Effervescent

    I feel your pain! Well.... felt it.

    And I did just what you're suggesting... although it wasn't a greyhound, it was a plane. Best thing I ever did.

    Worse thing you could do is ever let go of your dreams, don't ever do that or you're a goner.

    Isn't the KMS just great??? (sarcasm) It's all that college level public speaking class replacement. After a few years of that you should be damn near Masters Degree level! Who needs college???

  • Golf

    So, you have a boyfriend that calls you everything Friday at 3am just to tell you he loves you, and he's drunk on top of that?

    Instead of you getting on the Greyhound bus tell your boyfriend to get 'under' it! That should solve one of your problems.


  • prophecor
    Sometimes being at the meetings, going through the routine gets too be so overwhelming and ridiculous. I've got a full load of classes to worry about, tuition to pay, a job to find asap

    Are you certain about the need to split yourself down the center; Kingdom Hall, school, and all the pressures that come with it? Might you resign from the TMS, just enough to kinda' take the pressure off you at least? Though I imagine you won't be scheduled for another talk for some time to come.

    How often are you making your meetings? Maybe you could adjust how often you go, balancing your school work with Sunday only meetings. The pressure to keep up has got to be incredible. If you haven't picked your major yet, at least get all your pre-requisites out of the way.

  • katiekitten

    Hunny I feel for you. Its not easy to keep ontop of it all. Remember, the JW master plan is to keep everyone so busy they dont have time to think properly.

    Give yourself time to think, and DONT give up your dreams. Eventually you will see some light.

    Keep struggling petal.

  • Ticker

    Yes hopefully everything will work out better for you soon. Just don't give up.


  • Spectre

    I always hated the outline bit. Just barely write something down and while you're up on stage in front of everybody, just look down at the 3 words you wrote and then remember the whole paragraph, its completely natural.

    How much longer do you got of school and of being in the parents house stillawitness?

  • stillAwitness

    i dunno spectre. i just finished my first semester. that's it. i see the next year as imperative to me leaving this world behind but who knows. i just don't wanna be out in the world and not be financially secure because what's i leave i don't want to have to come back so someone can say: "see that; we told you there was nothin in the world."

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