Help me get in the mood!

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  • JH
    how to get in the spirit?

    Well, here its snowing, its dark, and it's friday evening, so it's easy to get into the right mood for anything pleasing. Cheers !!!

  • mkr32208

    I'm a Christmas FREAK I've gotten STACKS of presents for everybody!

    I think the best way to get in the Christmas spirit is to put up green and red streamers and drink eggnog all day!

    Woo Woo we let the kids open one present each last night and then on Wed we went to Disney for the day and to see all the lights! It's the best time of year! My wife was crying at disney looking at the lights (she OFFICIALY got out about 6 months ago or so, she keeps trying to talk me into letting her send a DA letter I keep telling her just fade... just fade, such a little spit fire she is!) anyway she was crying because of all the Xmas's she'd missed! This time of year is SO FUN!

    Mark of the ~I'll help you get in the mood ANYTIME!~ class!

  • Elsewhere

    Waiting for my Secret Santa present to arrive.

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