Help me get in the mood!

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  • Crumpet

    Earlier today I posted a rather scroogish reply to a sweet post from rebel8.

    Christmas is just a week away. I've decorated the house singlehandly - wrapped millions of presents, put the tree up, faithfully pegged the cards up on a silver thread extending over the dining room and am about to commence a frenzy of cleaning so that I dont look too slovenly when the in laws arrive. I've even played a bit of Bing Crosby earlier.

    So tell me whats good about christmas and how to get in the spirit?

  • undercover
    undercover were talking about Xmas spirit

  • Ellie

    Watch Bridget Jones, that always makes me feel Xmasy, or go late night shopping, even if you've already bought all your presents.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I'm sorry Crumpet, I can be of no help to you at all...

    Perhaps you could hang some mistletoe from Mr Crumpets twigs and berries and have a Holly Jolly roll in the hay?

    I am only doing Christmas this year because my boys are so into Christmas...otherwise I would be sticking that tree where the sun don't shine!

    I am in a foul grumpy scroogey mood! I think I am getting PMS for Christmas...LOL!

    Hugs and Kisses,


  • Goldminer

    My favorite holiday movie is National Lampoon's christmas Vacation.I watch it every year and it's still as funny as last year...,actually I watch it every year hoping it'll end differently but it never does.


  • jstalin

    Watching the good ole movie Gremlins always gets me into the Christmas mood. :)

  • undercover

    Watch "A Christmas Story".

  • Crumpet

    WhyG I Told mr crumpet your suggestion which he thought very funny until he thought about prickley things attached to his tackle and who I would be kissing beneath it hehe. Between you and Brooke we are winning him over to seeing how much fun I derive from this board!

    I think I am getting PMS for Christmas...LOL!

    I cant believe you are only expecting private messages for xmas - hehe!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Yes, Crumpet...But perhaps you could get some of the fake plastic mistletoe and still hang it from Mr. Crumpet...less prickly.

    And yes....only PMS for Christmas......Which means Mr. Chrystal will be getting a big heaping helping of Why can't you do anything right...don't you love me anymore? Do I look fat in this? - For Christmas.

    I almost feel sorry for him....Almost.

    So far its not looking like I will get what I asked for.....not a big deal - not too Spendy....All I did was ask hubby to " For the love of God will you please child proof the kitchen for Christmas - this kid is into everything all day long!!!"


  • daystar

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