NEW 2005 Worldwide Service Report

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  • Pole

    Also, it seems - just as I predicted some time ago - the slackwave is hitting the non-post-Soviet Eastern European countries with some delay: Czech Rep. -1%, Hungary 0%, Poland 0%, Romania -1%, Slovakia -2%.

    This may indicate what is going on in countries with very few immigrants from Africa or Asia, where the Witnoids have been around for 10+ years. Fewer and fewer people are buying the Truth. (Same applies to Western Europe, but I'd say immigrants improve the stats in those countries).


  • Joker10

    JWs don't preach 1.3 billion hours to gain 250,000 converts. They probably just spend 20% or less of that amount actually preaching.

    When it comes to the yearly stats, you guys like to forget JWs work in pairs. That alone cuts the actual time in half. Also they don't talk to people all of that time. Walking time must be considered. Talking to 4 or 5 people in 2 hours, even if done briefly, is a good day. Also, don't you guys say they inflate the hours? So, yeah. Figures are indeed better considering the factors.

  • TheListener

    The most telling percentage (imho) is the number of bible studies converted into baptisms. That number has been slowly decreasing for around 30 +/- years. Or is that 20? Oh well, something like that. The number of Bible studies is good, the number converted to baptisms is not good. This would include studies with children.

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