PHOTOS - Does the WTS change them?

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    Ok why does there appear to be a missing post on the first page of this thread??? Apparently GaryBuss had posted the orginal source of a picture from the Live Forever book, from some book or magazine called Stern? But where is this post?

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    dorayakiiRe: PHOTOS - Does the WTS change them? posted 3 years ago (12/17/2005)
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    To see the article and "borrowed" photo from Stern:

    In a third example, artwork is taken from the cover of the German magazine, Stern, 2 for use in the 1982 Watchtower publication You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth:

    Click here to see a scan of page 93 of the Watchtower publication, You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth containing the Stern cover art.

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    I originally posted this at the time I read abook on China, with actual phots, before and after, where members of the Party who fell out of favor were airbrushed out of later pictures.

    I was thinking along the lines of 1984 where history and the evidence of it is constantly edited in line with current policy.

    (a bit like the pro JW sites where we have seen posts edited AFTER a change in "understanding" to hide that they ever believed otherwise...)


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