Blood -- How Many Die?

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    For those of us that believe the human spirit survives the death of the physical body and goes either to be with God or to be eternally separated from Him for rejecting Jesus the numbers are horrendous. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is one of Satan's greatest tools because by its blood prohibition many JW's physical lives are cut short.

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    An issue that has just came up in my extended family: I have a cousin that is 0-negative she is now pregnant with her second child, the babies father has positive type blood. The mother and the baby are in serious condition because the first baby she gave birth to had positive type blood, the mother and the grand-mother <my aunt) took a "stand" tm. the mother refused the Rho-gam shot. The shot is necessary to stop the positive and negative antibodies from building up,if some of the baby's red blood cells leak into your system, your body may produce antibodies to the Rh D factor (a condition called sensitization). These antibodies can cross the placenta and destroy the red blood cells in your unborn baby or in the next Rh-positive baby you have.

    Now the Mom is at 25 weeks into the pregnancy today, and on her way to a larger hospital, the local hospital says they cannot take care of her due to the choice she made earlier, which you can't blame them they do not want the burden of what may happen.

    This only happens if you are Rh neg. and your baby is Rh pos. If you have already been sensitized by a previous birth, your baby may develop hemolytic disease before birth. If this happens, your baby may need a blood transfusion in the womb before birth. Sometimes early delivery by cesarean section is necessary. I dread what they have to go through. And angry at what the grand-mother and mom have put themselves and the un-born child through.

    I am Rh negative and with every pregnancy and miscarriage I chose to rake the Rho-gam shot. My way of thinking then was to compromise, if it was a "sin" then it would be on me for choosing to be disobedient not on the un-born or on us again to have to decide what to do with a critical condition in a child or high risk pregnancy. I was given the wts points as reference I know one was in a kingdom ministry tm. I am so glad something in brain was still functioning back in those days, so as to prevent such traumatic results.

    And I am Rh-negative so I recently gave my first blood donation. thats when I found out they can really use Rh-neg blood.

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    Bless you for donating your Rh neg blood! I can't do so anymore, and I regret it, as donating blood was one of my first acts after gaining independence from the WTS.

    I, too, am Rh neg and had the Rhogam decision to make with my children. I wasn't yet a baptized witness, but with my last pregnancy I was already dedicated. So it was a very tough decision to make as I had been unaware that Rhogam was a blood product! Only when I mentioned to the OB/GYN that I would refuse blood were there to be complications was I let in on the fact that I had already chosen to protect my two previous unborns by using a blood fraction. I elected to take the Rhogam, feeling it was unfair to my husband and unborn child to put the baby at risk because of my newfound "beliefs." But I DID opt not to take the post-partum Rhogam, so I made CERTAIN that we did not want any more children. If I were to become pregnant again, I would have faced the same sad and scary situation that your cousin is now facing.

    What I don't understand is WHY she chose as she did (with her Mom's guidance/support?). What positively INFURIATED me, and nearly made me leave Jehovah's Witnesses less than two years after my baptism, was the June 1990 (can't remember if it was in a WT or an Awake, but I think the 6/15 WT) article saying that blood fractions were now allowed. Your cousin did NOT have to put future pregnancies at risk according to that article's "new light." Taking Rhogam, like other anti-venom or immune-boosting treatments, is a conscious matter. I FREAKED out and confronted the CO when he arrived shortly thereafter asking him why something forbidden was now okay? His response was, "Because the Society says so." And he dismissed me and moved on!!! I should've left right then, but it took me almost another decade to extricate myself. Silly me!

    I'm sorry for your worry over your cousin and her developing child.


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