They didn't have to misrepresent anything!

by Lady Lee 30 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • mouthy

    I'm Tom's twin brother ya know>>> Hey your nose is growing

    No I dont remember that Gumby... I go to PA - Blue MOuntains every year in Oct. To "Witnesses Now For Jesus " Convention that Bill Cetnar started Joan has taken over after Dear old Bill died.I have just hundreds of the tapes. David Reeds, Bills, Duane Magnani,Lori Macgregor --any ex JW you want to hear I might have it.Paul Blizzards is a real moving one... He too was in Bethel... Ernest Zenome was most moving... That is why when I listened to all these testimonies & heard Defd pushing the WT ideas... My heart aches....

    Gumby>>>> i dont mind if you suck up sweetie!!! But watch that nose it could disappear out the window????


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