So were any bible prophecies true?

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  • Narkissos


    Do you doubt those words were written at a time when women experienced painful deliveries and were subject to men; when men had to work hard in the fields; when people used to die?

    If not, how is this a prophecy, other than in the fictitious setting of a primeval story meant to explain why/how the extant reality came about?

  • free2beme


    "In the beginning"

    That prophesied the beginning of a long drawn out and of often conflicting story.

  • peacefulpete

    Golf, Narkissos has already made the point. Certainly you can see the wisdom of asking when something was written when determining whether the writer had supernatural powers.

  • Golf

    Simple, if I told you not to touch the stove because you'll get burned, and if you do, then who's fault?

    How many parents tell their children 'not' to do certain things because it is harmful to them? How many?

    Is there any time in your life that you told someone 'not' to do anything, why?

    My point being is that those experiences do take place and there's is nothing you can do about 'except' deny or refute it. My friend, you and I are going to die whether we believe it not.

    OK, that text was written on April fools day, 2045AD.


  • DavidChristopher

    Do you want your kids to not touch the stove, because they are scared of what you will do them if they do? Or do you want them to obey you, because they have faith that you are telling them not to, to protect them, rather than keeping something good from them? the whip only works when you are standing over them, but faith in you will protect them always. Will it not?

  • stevenyc

    Golf, you started the sentance 'If'. Therefore, it is not prophecy, but a conditional statement.


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