Does anone know about dreams/interpretations?

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  • ButtLight
    Wonder what kind of beer they serve up there?

    Well duh! BUTTLIGHT!

  • Confession

    You might try PMing Evanescence on this one. She's had a lot to say about dreams in the past.


  • anewme

    I think the theory of the mind working out problems fits best. Your problem, not being able to talk with your old friend, was easy for your brain to fix! It just conjured up his likeness and placed the two of you in a tractor trailer. You were very comfortable with both your friend and the tractor trailer driving.

    I think your brain was working out how much you miss your friend and wish so much to talk with him. And you miss a close friendship in your life right now like the easy going one you had with him.

    I did a boat load of dreaming after my dfing!!!! In my dreams I attended KH and assemblies, witness parties etc..until I felt comfortable roaming about amongst them. After a while they accepted me a dfd person at in their midsts and I was able to talk with my former friends and family in my dreams. I was always the dfd one, but they were tolerant.

    This dreaming helped me immenseley to get over my shyness around witnesses when I would run into them.

    My new MIL has dreams and hunches about things. Sometimes she is right and sometimes I feel she is wrong.
    Remember Pontius Pilate's wife who had a dream about Jesus??

    She said "have nothing to do with this man" to Pilate.

    Sometimes I think these people are intelligent and intuitive and draw conclusions better than most and their dreams are extensions of their daily thoughts, an overflow of mental activity, a way for the mind to work things out.

    What do you think?

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