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  • DevonMcBride
    I just don't have an answer to that question. I know the author is following the posts here on JWD with interest, and I do know she's one plucky gal and can hold her own in any sort of discussion.

    Thanks Barbara, that answer is good enough for me.

  • M.J.

    Thanks for your hard work and efforts, Barbara.

    I really think we ought to start taking action here. I've ordered multiple copies of the article from the Baylor website and plan on distributing it to various lawyers I personally know as well as some interested medical people. Shouldn't we all start to alert potentially interested parties so we can enhance the probability of a court case? Or are we still waiting on something? I haven't really seen a specific call to action, but perhaps I've missed it. Also, I heard mention that the article would be translated to various languages. I could use a few translated into Spanish myself. How can I get a hold of them?

  • Balsam

    I have ordered the Journal and look forward to reading it all.

    I think what will happen though that the WTS will get off any law suit against them concerning blood. But local Elders will be hung out to dry for the WTS simply because the WTS has been extremely careful how they have worded things lately. But Elders who encourage followers to resist blood transfusions say about anything they wish.

    For minors that have been forced to have blood transfusion to save their life, even the Hospital Liaison Committee has told parents not to sue because the hospitals are within their right legally in some states. My ex-husband wanted to sue the doctor and the hospital (second hospital) for giving our son blood without our permission when he was unconscious. The JW Hospital Liaison said no don't do that because they are within their right to do so and we were breaking the law saying no.

    So the WTS slides a slippery slope when it comes to blood and they will not back up Elders in congregations when they say no blood transfusions. Their legal dept will not come to JW aid on these matters. Has anyone heard how the Lawrence Hughs case is going in Canada over blood.


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