What will it take to bring down the tower?

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  • wanderlustguy

    It may never happen, I believe the best that can be hoped for is to pull some people out of it. No matter what is found out, no matter how big the screw up or lawsuit or lie that is uncovered, there will always be some who believe. Selling hope is a big business, and some people want hope way more than they want truth.

    The blood expose', however, is great in that it gets more information out there to a large audience, which will eventually cause the WTS to go into damage control mode, changing policies again. The good thing is there will be some who begin to think a little for themselves when they see the change, but in a few years, it will have blown over and most of the people that are going to come out over the change will be out, with those remaining calling them apostates, weak in the faih, etc, i.e. the UN scandal, changing the understanding of "generation".

    Does that mean this news is less importaint than hyped to be? No, I think it is great that there is something out there that will bring the issues back to the surface, and possibly pull some more great people out of an organization that turns them into victims.

    So, I think the WTS will always exist, they are excellent and damage/mind control, and will adapt to anything that is found, period. The people who uncover the truth will always be lying apostates, and the remainder of "The 144,000" will never die off. This is their business, selling hope, and they are damn good at it. The hope is for the few that get out, I'm glad the cycle continues, I was pulled out of my hell because of it, and it's great to know that there is potential for anther significant exodus.

    Big News indeed!


  • JH

    What I hope is that one day, all those who don't want to be a JW anymore can be free to leave without any shunning from their families or friends, but we know this will never happen.

    There are many things wrong with that religion, if it can't be destroyed, it has to be fixed.

  • oldflame

    I don't think this is possible, if the wtbs was shut down then all the other cult faiths would have to crumble. I think God will eventually do it in his own time.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Information distributed to half a dozen members (IQ above 100) of every Congregation. I'm in.

  • Pubsinger


  • I.O.C.

    I will do anything except sell my soul to bring it down. The Watchtower better watch out. I suggest getting hackers to break into their system to divert funds to the rank and file. This whole thing is about money. It has nothing to do with religion.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    The downfall of the WBTS is currently well on schedule. The internet is it's end.

  • AuldSoul

    I.O.C. I think it may be unwise to recommend criminal activity on a publicly viewable forum (although the idea you suggested is a fun one to entertain).


  • blondie

    I don't think the WTS will every completely disappear.

    Get smaller, yes.

    De-emphasize the "end" or redefine it, yes. They have done that before in 1914, 1920, 1925, 1975.

    Become more mainstream, yes. They did that after Rutherford died and Knorr came on board as president.

    Splinter into smaller groups, maybe. They have done that before too, especially between 1918 and 1932.

    The Worldwide Church of God changed a great deal after Herbert died as to doctrine and administration, splintering too. But it is still a going concern.


  • Scully

    The WTS thrives on its capacity to misinform members and potential members who trust the WTS implicitly, and simultaneously separate them from their money.

    To make this stop, verifiable information must be readily available, easily and privately accessible to members, potential members, and the public at large about the WTS, its history, its track record of false prophecy and hypocrisy, its methods of manipulation and misinformation. The more informed members and potential members become, the more the WTS's reputation becomes known for what it truly is among the general population, the greater the impact on the WTS's cash flow.

    The last 15 years of the Voluntary Donation Arrangement™ have obviously had a huge impact already. The publications have become cheap imitations of their prior counterparts. Conventions are more about filling the Contribution Boxes™ than looking after the needs of delegates. Printing operations are moving out of the main complex and being outsourced. People in Bethel service are being sent home due to Simplification™ and selling off of property.

    The membership may be experiencing a slow trickle in its lifeblood over the past 10 years with people defecting in greater numbers. But I really think the biggest haemorrhage is occurring at the local level. People just are not donating. Unhappy people do not donate. People who have family members to lose and see no way out of the organization for themselves, will plod along and go through the motions, but they will stage a powerful boycott when it comes to the Contribution Boxes™. That is where the WTS feels its pain the most deeply.

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