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    scarecrow is my father. seriously. hi there old man! i didn't find anything that others haven't already. franz's books, this website, and other sites supercede whatever i could share with you. but, i had to do my original research w/o those resources because (as a JW) i didn't want to taint my results with any so-called 'apostate' influence.

  • scarecrow

    hi Leolala Super_Becka -you two wanted to know what we read that so influenced me and my son and family: My son studies philosophy . About 2 yrs ago,he came across an article in his study of Darwin ( may have been dworken or Karl Popper but pretty sure it was Darwin ) that sounded familiar to him - sure enough, the article from his univ. text quoted Darwin saying regarding the devolopment of the eye :" It's hard to believe that there is no God..." This same quote was found in a watchtower article ( not sure which) to support their( WT) view . the article in the watchtower stops there but the article in my son's textbook by Darwin went on to say : "...however and here the philosopher goes on to say that evolution may still have been at work here ....and so on. So here is a case of the watchtower writers taking quotes out of context Imagine - they did what they accuse the other churches of doing .What outright hypocracy !!! He found many others but I don't want to bother him by asking him what other discrepancies he found ( he's terribally busy) But as he told me - researching comments made by persons the watchtower organization uses will yield many surprises Hi garybuss regarding my question to you :" how did you you manage to get it up so fast ?" and your answer :" my all time favorite question ! I knew i should have rephrased that question to you LOL i asked for it LOL Hi Lady Lee tks for your comment - my mind has been shrpened by this site .UI appreciate many comments - especially yours - I notice you're a long time member here - TO ALL OF YOU - take care - scarecrow

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    Scarecrow, I have two pictures of the Wizard always ready on a web site. I use them often . . .
    This is the other one. Not quite as good.

    Wizard of OZ

    The movie has everything needed to relate to a high control religious group. It has a story with a plot, a good higher power and a evil lower power. It has a victim, several change of directions, useless people trying to help and a fake leader posing as a god.

    For conscientious cussedness on the grand scale, no other aggregation of Americans is a match for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Stanley High, The Saturday Evening Post, September 14, 1940 The Way I See it http://www.freeminds.org/buss/buss.htm

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