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    I'm not a newbie - been here before under another name . Haven't posted for quite awhile . I would like to be more regular . About my name ( because someone invariabally asks) : I was reading some of the posts on and off and those of particular interest are ones that talk about the borg's effort at trying to methodically remove the free will to think process from us when we were in attendance at their de-programming sessions( meetings ) Then awhile ago I was thinking of the classic movie " The wizard of Oz" I thought how like the scarecrow we were when we were jw's. When Dorothy came across scarecrow - his dilemma was : he didn't have a brain .I was thinking how much like the scarecrow we were when we were in attendance at the org - not that we didn't think but in a way we didn't have a brain - we didn't need one - The society did all the thinking for us .They practically even told us we didn't need one when they said - "you don't have to study or research - the society does it for you -saving you valueable time" (remember that load of crap?) And to think I fell for it -even thanking them lol .They made us believe we studied other religions on our own in " mankind's search for God" but they chose the religions we studied in that book and chose the wording caefully to malign them. The watchtower studies were designed in such a way so that the answer was obvious .We were like robots - how idiotic we mst have looked to the odd visitor lol. Sometimes things bothered me - I questioned things but kept them secret lest I be labelled as having independent or apostate thinking . But more and more different things bothered me . I attended meetings but critized much to myself . Unbeknownst to me , my university son was checking things out - the teachings and quotes from the study material of the society against the philosphers they used (at their convienience) when they suppported their view . BUT .... my son checked out these philosophical works and read past where they stopped the quote and foud that much of what they presented to us as fact to prove thier point was in fact OUT OF CONTEXT . And here the org had the audacity to say that other religions used information out of contect .In short with this relevation, the whole family left the org . My regret in sending a letter of disasociation letter is not having sent other letters to the cong members telling them why we left. In any case we escaped their control. like the scarecrow, we left the domain of the wicked witch ( the organization ) and entered into the land of "OZ" . Like the scarecrow we now have a brain - ( able to think again ) just like the rest of you !!!!! What we wait for now is the death of the wicked witch (the The watchtower and tract Society .

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    Hi, scarecrow!

    Lovely analogy. I love the Wizard of Oz...it does apply to the WTS so well too. LOL

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    Hey, very interesting post. If you wouldn't mind sharing some of your research with me and/or giving me a few pointers, I'd love to hear from you, just PM me. Like I've said in my other posts, I'm currently dating an unbaptized, inactive JW and I'm trying to find out as much as I can about them before I get into a situation that I can't get out of. My boyfriend is very intelligent (university-educated) but very blind to the WTS's flaws, inconsistencies and outright lies, so I like to do my research so that I'm prepared when religion comes up in conversation.


    -Becka :)

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    hey garybuss Thanks for the pic. lol put a smile on my face ! how did you manage to get it up so fast ?

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    Hello an re-welcome

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    Super_Becka - Thanks for the reply . hope you have luck in swaying your bf from the clutches of the org. In short, read up on a lot of what people say on here especially on scandel section / Show him stuff like UN ( find info on how how decietful they were in keeping their association with the UN secret till the internet brought about their downfall. What got me was how they say they never pass around a collection plate but I found when i started to think again - how their "collection plates" are in your face -EVERYWHERE - wheather at the hall or at conventions not to mention the constant talks about how not enough money is being donated. It's interesting too - how we were told to tell householders to examine their relifion and we show them with our literature but if we as JW's then were true to ourselves, we should also examine our religion - but we are not allowed to do so (they do it for us ) or else if you are caught doing so - you as a jw , would come under close scrutiny. I love it how we are told when we become jw"s to write a letter of disassociation to our former religion but when we do when we leave the org ( as my wife and I did ) that we are labelled as disfellowshipped .How disgusting it is for the organization to tell members not to tallk to such ones and how robot- like they listen .How disgusting when they do this to you and you think to yourself " thier love is a conditional one" - friendly as all get out when you are one of them and scum when you leave - even to the point of looking the other way when they appproch you on the street . or ignoring a simple hello to them Anyways, my blood boils when I think of those things - I'll try to get back to you on some " out of context stuff " I came to know of - maybe by weeks- end Maybe someone reading your relply to me can help you as well. bye for now super_Becka again lots of luck with bf

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    how did you manage to get it up so fast ?

    My all time favorite question:-)

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    scarecrow....I would love to read what you and your son came up with. This was the issue that got me out of the org too, particularly the misrepresentation in the Trinity broshure and the misuse of sources in their articles on the cross.

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    Lady Lee

    Welcome back scarecrow

    Seems to me you already got your brain back and working

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