Nails in the Coffin: What HAVE you done?

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  • LittleToe

    You do a great work, Randy. I'll never forget the debt I owe to your simple support and kindness when I was first looking for help in 2001.

    I've been busy in my own neck of the woods. Since religion is still a big thing in Scotland, and especially the islands, I have been able to reach a great many people that way both to innoculate folks from the WTS and help those seeking answers. I don't talk about it here much because folks usually desire to retain their anonymity, and Scotland can be a small place.

    Aside from that I'm only too glad to give a big chunk of my time to this site and its members. It's been a real pleasure to meet (personally and online) so many great people! We probably shouldn't underestimate the encouragement we're able to give each other, especially at times when all other support mechanisms seem to have failed us

  • zev

    randy said:

    My full-time job for the last 26 years has been to expose the lying nature of the Watchtower and help people out of this organization. Running a non-profit organization is a big job, but I have always enjoyed what I do and the rewards are great. Not so much for income (25k per year) but I meet some great people and my main website at gets about 1400 unique visitors per day, #1 of its kind. There are over 400 megabytes of stories, articles, audio and video for free downloading. We now have a large percentage of our articles in Spanish, thanks To David Garcia and other translators. I network with all the old timers in this work that have been in ministry since 1980 or before, and I know almost all of them in person. Many have now retired, but I have no intention of that, God willing. I also print the Free Minds Journal, one of the few printed magazines about the JWs left. It is in its 26th year! I have encouraged many to start their own outreach as well, since I have never desired to "grow" my organization, but beleive in people starting their own. Throw out the seeds and they will sprout.

    Randy Watters

    i wonder how many hits a day come from watchtower owned domains ?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I cannot imagine that anyone here has not benefitted from Randy's effort.

    A big group THANK YOU.


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