Nails in the Coffin: What HAVE you done?

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  • Mysterious

    Simon's post caused me to think. Sure we may all just contibute small nails in the coffin, but each small nail has some impact to be sure. What nails have you driven into the WTS' coffin? Did you show the truth about the truth to some of your friends and family? Did you show those worldy ones around you just how dangerous and whitewashed the religion is? Did you organize a protest outside an assembly? Did you write a DA letter? Did you sue or threaten to sue? What have you done?

    Personally I may not have done a lot but I consider ever contribution to be valuable. Like many have said it takes every nail we can muster. I know that no one who has ever been friends with me or known me will join the organization based on what I have told them about the JWs. I gave my boyfriend, an avid debator, much ammunition to use including a complete copy of the watchtower library on cdrom. I also sought to keep my best friend from crawling back to them after he broke up with his girlfriend by telling him about the corruption and mistruths and trying to assuage his guilt at having left "the truth". In addition I used to write the url to freeminds on the cover of the Watchtower and Awake at the local library.

  • Maryjane

    In the beginning, right after I left I wrote anonymous letters to several people in my congregation (those with the most likelihood of listening). I ordered some tracts that neatly encapsulated what's wrong with the WTBTS and left those on cars near the KH and in building lobbies throughout the territory. Anytime I run into an inactive JW I speak with them about their impressions, why they're not active then tell my story. ALL of my current friends (not many...I'm still rebuilding my social life) know about my JW experience and many are amazed at the deceit (most people don't know anything about JW"s except that they knock on your door on weekend mornings and don't celebrate anything). Admittedly, I'm not doing a whole helluva lot, but whenever there is an "opening" I try to get in and plant some seeds (esp with those who were never JW or JW sympathizers)

  • DannyHaszard

    I have 40,000 pages up on the web do a google search of my unique name Danny Haszard

    I have only been at it 3 years and 4 years ago i didn't know how to turn the PC ON.

    Im just a regular guy.

    EVERY SELF-RESPECTING ACTIVIST BOOKMARK THESE LINKS check often and sign up for the news alerts via email from google

    alt Yahoo! News TIP-USE THE SINGULAR JEHOVAH KEYWORD AND NOTE THAT 90% OF THE CRITICAL NEWS USUALLY WILL BE FROM GOOGLE MSN and YAHOO usually lag behind a little The reason for using the single Jehovah keyword is this covers everything,yes about 15% will be irrelevant to us (other religions use the Jehovah name) Practice responding to articles yourself with the 'truth about the truth'

  • misspeaches

    I think most here contribute in someway to exposing the WTBTS. I know I let people know the truth about them and I try to plant seeds with those trapped. Its nothing to take glory from. I feel we have an obligation to help others.

  • Jourles

    In the last couple of years, I haven't done much. I did write a letter to my friends and family telling them my views and backed it up with refs from the literature just days before I was df'd. Prior to that, let's just say the WTS hunted me down and df'd me for something I did that they didn't like.

  • Mysterious

    I think I saw one of your protests signs on blood Danny, good stuff.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends,

    I have come across an older "the Free Minds Journal" [vol. 23, no. 2; May/October 2004, pp. 2, 3] that presents a valuable outlook to those of us doing research. There is the all-important objective approach to any matter; yet, the subjective perspective is worth considering before drawing a conclusion as to how all the pieces fit together. As I do not have the means to reproduce this helpful information, I'm hoping somehow that these pages can be viewed and pondered by others who are seeking a fair and honest approach to research. As a former Bethelite, Randy explains what testimony is credible despite its coming from anonymous sources.

    The above link is information related to what I have written above.


  • carla

    I deliver anti witness tracts locally and to every public place that has a bathroom. The fold up baby changing table is an appropriate place for the Silentlambs brochure. I also leave them in mags at Dr.'s offices, coffee shops, the plastic ad space in McDonald's bathroom doors, etc....

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Interesting post.

    I have sunk a 'few nails' over the past three years.

    • No one who knows me locally, is unaware of the hatred and viscious attitudes of the organization that forced my resignation so that I dared to practice 'Christianity' in it's broader context. I am sure that none would even consider the religion to be 'safe'.
    • I have aided a few people with copies of Ray's books, to see the 'truth about the truth', though I have not aided any 'active' witnesses to leave, I have aided some 'inactive' or 'disfellowshipped' persons to never return.
    • I never permit 'shunning'. If I am shunned by a local witness, I make some sort of noise about it to others, to expose the 'real truth' to them.
    • I have written a letter of Disassociation that is posted on the internet in a couple of spots, hopeful that some will see it and leave.
    • I sent copies of my letter to many families in the congregation.
    • I try to 'encourage' former witnesses on this forum and elsewhere to stay out of the organization, or to leave if they are ready.
    • I have assuaged the guilt of my sister, and my dad, both of whom considered the religion to be the 'truth' though they left years ago.
    • I consult with a 'Christian sister', never a witness herself, to help her in her anti-cult ministry at times. [though my part is small]

    I just basically make sure that eveyone knows that I am not a witness, and that I have good reason not to be. Beyond that they can ask if they like.


  • Dogpatch

    My full-time job for the last 26 years has been to expose the lying nature of the Watchtower and help people out of this organization. Running a non-profit organization is a big job, but I have always enjoyed what I do and the rewards are great. Not so much for income (25k per year) but I meet some great people and my main website at gets about 1400 unique visitors per day, #1 of its kind. There are over 400 megabytes of stories, articles, audio and video for free downloading. We now have a large percentage of our articles in Spanish, thanks To David Garcia and other translators. I network with all the old timers in this work that have been in ministry since 1980 or before, and I know almost all of them in person. Many have now retired, but I have no intention of that, God willing. I also print the Free Minds Journal, one of the few printed magazines about the JWs left. It is in its 26th year! I have encouraged many to start their own outreach as well, since I have never desired to "grow" my organization, but beleive in people starting their own. Throw out the seeds and they will sprout.

    Randy Watters

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