The Reaction to the Big News at Work Today

by Gretchen956 20 Replies latest watchtower scandals

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    With all due respect, you've never seen me "all worked up" about anything. Believe me, if that happens, it will be incredibly clear.

    My response was not meant in any way to disparage you. The point I'm making is that this article is not intended for the general public. Most people I know who aren't attorneys do not read legal journals, just like most people I know who are not doctors do not read medical journals. The point of my response is that I think people are missing the point of this article, which is that regardless of its content, it's a positive as it focuses the attention of at least some lawyers on the Watchtower's despicable blood policy. I've read plenty of legal journals in my time, and I've never read one that specifically analyzes a legal theory for bringing an action against the Watchtower for its blood policies. I hope more articles of this nature follow.


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