Are the JW's persecuted in any way?

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  • JH

    Jesus said that his followers would be persecuted like he was.

    So, are the JW's more persecuted than any other religions, and if so why?

  • moshe

    Yes, they are persecuted more, but it's only because they wear that big "Kick Me" sign pinned to their butt.


  • carla

    Persecuted in what way? my jw (and some here) consider simply disagreeing as persecution. If that is your standard then yes, I guess yes. However, are there Christians and others being persecuted today in the traditional sense (like getting your head chopped off)? yes. The majority of jw's are certainly not being persecuted. No matter how much they love to say it, it doesn't make it true.

  • Spectrum

    They fall foul of societal norms as do orthodox jews, human instint is to repel anything that threatens their sense of security and traditions.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Are they persecuted because they are the "true" religion, or do SOME JWs get persecuted along with many other individuals of many other smaller religious sects simply because they quite fit in with the mainstream?

    I don't believe I have ever seen evidence of JWs being persecuted EVERYWHERE and as a GROUP simply because they are the "true" religion. In fact, in many countries they are absolutely coddled with their rights to free speech taking precedence over the rights of others.

  • Triple A
    Triple A

    Jesus said that his diciples would be persecuted for his name. How many JWs are out there preaching the name of Jesus?

  • carla

    Excellent point TripleA!

  • moshe

    I'm not an Orthodox Jew, but if you lived in Israel it ,then being a born again Christian and speaking in tongues might put you in the "not normal category", too. Just depends where you live as to what is considered normal.

    Jehovah's Witnesses--- Persecuted they are ,for being just plain rude, indifferent and unfriendly and CHEAP!

    When I was a JW I only worked about six months a year ( construction) ,as I was always among the first to get laidoff and sent back to the Union hiring hall. I always felt the guys were just jealous of my ability. Ha! Later after I quit being a JW, I realized what a jerk I was to work with. Jehovah this, Jehovah that, read my Watchtower, don't vote , don't give blood, don't ask me for money for the boss's Xmas gift, don't ask me for money for one of the guys sick kids- the new order will fix it,etc. Xmas is a pagan holiday- rub it in to them every chance you get. Birthday party for someone-forget it- retirement party ?Nope!- I have to go to the meeting tonight ( besides I wouldn't waste my money on a gift for a wordly person anyway) Golf,fishing, hunting,sports,drink after work ?-are you kidding ,I wouldn't spend time with a wordly person.

    Now if that fits you, Mr or Mrs JW, don't be surprised if the people you work with wish you would find another job.

    peace ,


  • jgnat

    They are definitely on the "hit list" because they are so different. The United Nations has specifically listed the Jehovah's Witnesses as targets for persecution for their beliefs, especially conscientous objectors and schoolchildren.

    Are they the only group persecuted? Hardly. Are they the most persecuted group? No.

  • datsdethspicable

    in their own minds

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