I don't understand the big news! can blondie or someone do an idiots guide?

by Crumpet 24 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • mcsemike

    Why would the WT lie about this? Why do they lie about ANYTHING?? Psychologically, it's how cults operate. They cannot tell the truth for several reasons. They don't HAVE the truth, so they can't share it. They don't KNOW the truth, so they can't explain it. They are incapable of UNDERSTANDING the truth, so it's useless to speak with them. But one of the main reasons is that if they told the truth, JW's would leave faster than they are now. The WT uses reasoning like the kind elder who posted the meeting notes here said about the UN scandal: In effect, if someone asks you, a JW, about the UN, ask, "Does that sound reasonable?" See how they side-stepped the question? I don't give a damn how it sounds. The issue is: "DID YOU DO IT, YES OR NO??" If the Internet telling the truth is causing a loss of JW's and the dam IS beginning to break, what do you think would happen if the WT itself told the rank and file what the Internet is trying to tell them? They demonize the Internet because it's the only place the truth about the WT can be found. They lie about their past, they lie in their literature about what they printed in their literature. Any organization that has books from decades apart, that a person can put down on a table and compare and see a black and white lie, and still insists that they either didn't print the older book, or the reader is misunderstanding it, or it's new light, or "you're an apostate because you see the man behind the curtain", is too far gone mentally to attempt to ask them to think. They can't think, they are in a CULT. They gave up the ability, no, rather the desire to think, when they got baptized. And they won't allow anyone in the WT to think either. Ask a bunch of questions about the UN, the blood contradictions, 607 BCE, or anything similar and see what happens. Elders will gather around you like flies on a cow pie. Lying is so ingrained in their hearts, minds, and souls, that they can't function any other way. "My mind is already made up, don't confuse me with the facts." "There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see." I rest my case. M.A.N. (from Silent Lambs)

  • Dogpatch

    Hi Weds,

    I am doing a summary of the article now, maybe finished by Mon. I suspect Gary will comment on it. Bill and others don't post here anymore as far as I know.


    Net Soup!


  • greendawn

    The law has been called an ass, a maze, a minefield, for those trying to negociate it, but to me it has been always pretty obvious that there is a good chance with a smart lawyer to win a case against the WTS on the blood issue. It's strange that no group of plaintifs ever got together for class legal action.

    Those that died for the blood issue were emotionally terrorised by the WTS to the point that they overcame the mighty instict of survival. The WTS after causing their death claims them as its martyrs.

  • claytoncapeletti

    Well said, Mcsemike! Those who want to wake up from their cult coma will. Those who arent willing to wake up wont.

    Awaking from the coma is a wonderful and freeing experience that scares the shit out of most JW's


  • metatron

    Alas, I wish it were otherwise, but I see how they can weasel out of this. They've already drifted into dumbed down literature

    anyway, so simple-minded repetition of "abstain from blood" will serve them well. They simply dump everything else, all depth,

    all other details and repeat this mantra over and over. After that, it's a religious issue and they merely have to worry about the past.

    If they can pay people off or outlast them ( they're very good at delays), they're in the clear. I wish it were otherwise ..... but I am

    heartened by increasing rumors that they are being bled financially ( C.O. comments, selling off real estate, selling off printing equipment,

    begging for contributions, etc.)

    It all adds up. We just keep chipping away - until they are beaten, Vietnam- style. Getting rid of the Awake completely would

    be a stunning blow.


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