The only way the BIG NEWS can make any difference

by Gill 11 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Gill

    Exactly so Madame Quixote! We all eat blood every day in meat to preserve our lives.

    The pouring out of blood was symbolic in the OT times. But when eating meat, the Jews were still taking in blood, with every bite.

    Only when JWs R and F, actually start to think about this, and have it pointed out to them, perhaps in law, will they understand that the prohibition on blood was a whim of Rutherford and his cronies.

    All through the WTBTS history they have dabbled in pseudo medicine, and finally through the Big News their fraudulent nature can be revealed to every, one in time. However, ordinary JWs will not understand its significance until they see the mistranslation of the blood issue.

    Perhaps one day, the prohibition on blood transfusion will go the way of the prohibition on vaccination, organ transplants and the wonderful early article in the Awake / Golden Age, recommending regular colonic irrigation!

  • carla

    Something odd today on the radio, I heard a commercial for some attorney's that talked about a 'tort' (ok, which spelling?) they went on to explain in short what a tort was and to call them, etc... Should I email them a copy of the big news? Why I find it odd is because I don't think most people have any idea what a tort is, I didn't. And now a commercial about one? weird.

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