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  • Gerard
    BTW- I have not personally submited any news releases yet for a reason you'll see why and we got lots of time......

    I admire Danny's spunk and persistance, but let's see if aside from Danny's free-press posts, if any local or national newscast (I mean a reporter) has the smallest reaction or opinion to the THE BIG NEWS.

  • cheezy

    Hey, CYP - you took the words right outta my mouth! This will be what we make of it..........

    Do you realize that the strongest card the WT holds is the intimidation card? Toe the party line or:

    • You won't get to live forever
    • We'll DA your ass and your family will shun you
    • Your eyeballs will fry in your skull at Armageddon (oh yes)

    Guess what - we are still letting them do it! I couldn't possible pick out every phrase I've read on here in the last 24 hours that basically says - "The WT is too strong, they will deflect this Big News like everything else and it will be business as usual - they win and we lose." With that attitude it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • NewLight2

    My local library pays for access to many data bases and I could find none that came up with the Journal of Church and State listed within their data base. You guys have LOTS of work to do in submitting this journal to the major data bases!

    I don't know how to do it.


  • AuldSoul

    LexisNexis, one of the powerhouse research databases, will have it in about three months.

    Right now, attorneys who may get wind a case where this could be attempted need to know the theory is out there.


  • Dansk


  • hubert

    Leolaia posted this on the RE:Blood Issue and Media thread, by Avishai.

    Leolaia said....... Here's another one to add to the list. Just today, Tibor R. Machan, a professor of philosophy, wrote the following in a political column:

    "Jehovah Witnesses are often very nice people, certainly well mannered and often dressed spiffily. But their idea on the merits of blood transfusions is really, really perverse, like the ideas of Christian Scientists on seeking the help of physicians when one’s body is ailing. I am sorry but this is just so. Sure, so long as it pertains to them and they aren’t forcing their views on anyone else, I can live with both, although when either of them inflicts these views on their own children, I get very worried. Children are dependents, not yet of age so as to figure out what’s best, and when they are subjected to parents’ peculiar religious or any other sort of notions, especially ones that can kill them, it’s time to call in the trial lawyers, I say. They are injuring, even killing kids, with ideas the kids never had a chance to consider and decide about."

    Now, I don't agree with his broader political points about oil, but this guy should definitely hear about the JC&S article! .......end of quote.

    I couldn't get the link to open completely. Maybe someone else can. Even though this wasn't because of the "Big News" threads, it is still in line with what we are dealing with, so I thought I should put it up here, to keep all the news that comes out, together. Hubert

  • hubert

    I don't really know where to post this. I am posting it here, simply to try to keep all blood information that comes out in the news, either positive or negative, in one thread for easier reference.

    If there is a better place or way to do this, go for it.

    Well, I didn't do it right. I was hoping the article itself would come up, not just the link.

    As I said, I think we should post any article or news all in one place, either here, or maybe a new post. What do you think? Any ideas?


  • Pwned

    Sorry but I dont think the news is that "big", its not enough of a lightning rod issue for the main media to care, besides the journal might be prestigious in academic circles but unless its published by yale or harvard etc, the main media is not going to care, it will only be news when and if someone actually tries to file this class action suit

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