C'mon Watchtower: How long will the Blood brochure stay online?

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    Neo...have you researched the blood booklet for yourself and looked up all the quotes? When you have these.....before, during, or after a quote, doesn't that mean there is more information in the statement? It seems as if the index lists all their sources. I will have to go dig out my brochure and go to the library, unless someone here has the time to disseminate all the info accurately.

    Also, I'm intrigued as to what the essay means in saying that this has to apply across the board (not just to this particular religion). The news media purposefully does this all the time, to present their point of view. Would this apply to them as well? If so, don't you think an attorney would have to think twice about going up against not only the WTS, but the entire media organization? (If they do, I would say not to expect a verdict for the next 100 years, and by then all the defendants will be dead.)

    I haven't looked into this enough, but apparently President Bush is now claiming responsibility for the war in Iraq. Is he also claiming responsibility for the misrepresentation that he presented to the American people as well as the world? This war has cost thousands of lives because he misrepresented the facts and took the information out of context. Does America have enough money to pay compensation to all those family members who lost loved ones? (IMO we need to get ready to become a 3rd world country or no country at all!)


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    I thought I'd review How Can Blood Save Your Life. The Society wrote the bulk of the blood booklet, then reprinted a journal article at the end. (I bet one of their writers/lawyers/doctors wrote this Journal article. The Cites at the end of the blood booklet are part of the reprints, and are NOT cites to the blood booklet's main text & quotes. The main text is cited (if a thought is cited) within each paragraph of the main text.

    What does the blood pamphlet say/imply about its medical veracity? At the very start it states, "As you will see, the medical and moral aspects of using blood bear directly on how you can save your most valued possession: LIFE". A few pages later it says, "Still, for years claims have been made that blood saves lives. Doctors can relate cases in which someone had acute blood loss but was transfused and then improved rapidly. So you may wonder, 'How wise or unwise is this medically?' Medical evidence is offered to support blood therapy. Thus, you owe it to yourself to get the facts in order to make an informed choice about blood"

    This blood brochure implies that it gives the facts! After all, isn't this "the Truth" religion. Then, the Society starts to give its medical advice.

    This blood brochure was written in the early 1990's. Fractions were around then, and were "accepted" by JWs. But, the medical alternative section does not mention them. The German man doesn't accept them in his blood card...and it shows his medical card But, right near the end of the brochure...the Society admits that JWs accept fractions. Shouldn't this be disclosed in the medical alternative section? Why bury it at the end, folks? Why be contradictory - accepted on one page and excepted on the other?

    I remember when I was indoctrinated, the blood issue was "saved for last...until the [recruit] had developed an appreciation for the Truth." Why was this the case? So, I'd accept what was "presented" to me without question. Once that hurdle was over, it was off to the doorbells...

    So, how many more days until I get my copy?


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