The Big News: Should Religion Be Held Responsible For Its Teachings?

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    Ted Jaracz said:


    I know you are, I said you are, but what am I???

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    Welcome. Can you please tell us the name of Fred Franz's non-JW Jewish friend who helped Fred with all the translations from the Hebrew? We would be most interested to learn more about him.

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    Brah brah brah not go beyond the things written blah blah Christ's Brothers bada bada faithful to Jehovah.

    Pay close attention everyone - here are some new theocratic catch phrases.... HA HA HA


    Should religious organizations be any less legally liable for knowingly misleading their members in life and death issues? Why should religions be exempt for making written statements to their followers or potential followers that they know are out of context, misleading and at times outright lies? Religions have literally gotten away with murder for centuries based on a variety of legal, social and political platforms.

    Every organization should always tell the truth. The government, religion, news media, etc. SHOULD but don't always tell the truth. How do you make them responsible/liable for the many lies and deceptive practices that they perpetuate each and every day? The news media "edits" their material before it's released. If you've ever been interviewed you realize that what you say isn't always portrayed in the light it was meant. We elect govenment officials to make laws for the good of all people and find out that many are there only to line their own pockets. And yes govenments often mislead their citizens in life or death issues, all you have to do is look at the war in Iraq and the issues facing the CIA.

    Can we stop the lies? and the liars that tell the lies?


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    Is Ted Jaracz a member of the GB? Did he just call the people in this forum "fools"? Isn't that a sin?

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    Hi Ted J. Welcome to the forum! Looks like you want to have a bit of fun with us.

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