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  • dinosoarmiteatyahoo

    Barbara was seeking contacts in other nations so this may have been to confirm that something going on was and is going on internationally.

    This means that the "evidence" she needed and had was focused on the U.S. branch so that she needed the confirmation for other nations as well.

    Meanwhile Bill Bowen was gone an unusually long period of time from his website.

    What do both have in common?

    They both have dealt with exposing the Watchtower's sending pedophiles door-to-door to preach, which endangers the public to say nothing of other Jehovah's Witnesses and their children.

    To me this points toward the possibility that the Big Surprise or expose is that she may have documents showing that the Watchtower coverup is international in pattern and therefore international agencies dealing with crimes can now come into play.

    Of course, that's just a guess....

    You can be sure it's no "surprise" to Ted Jaracz, though. His secret angels are everywhere with electronically-honed spiritual ears and eyes.

    So that's the big surprise....... I think.


  • serendipity

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    Hhmm, international intrigue makes for an interesting inference.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

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    I would think that Bill Bowen being gone from his site for a while could be significant, and certainly Barbara and Bill are both involved in the child molestation issues and the Watchtower. What you say could be close - who knows?

    Whatever it is - to hear that it is being revealed by this fine person whom we have all grown to love and trust, is a tremendous boost to my morale. I know that if it comes from Barbara, we will be able to know the accurate details. That is what she does so well.

    I wait with bated breath for the shoe to drop.......


  • oldflame

    This is suppose to bring out many JW's, I don't think that more info on child molestors will do any better than the last time.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Good point, oldflame.

    It did have massive effect on me when I learned of it though. It was not the sole reason I left however, but I lost sleep for a long time when I became aware. I doubt many witnesses are actually aware. I only learned about it when I got brave enough to look at these 'apostate' sites. If this news is conveyed thru major press - that could make a difference.

    I just want to see the Tower tumble. That's all!


    Edited to add; My first exposure was through the dateline program - that did have impact on me. But later when discovering SL I became aware of the extent of the problem, and that convinced me that the dateline program was not just wicked propaganda as we had been told.

  • stillajwexelder

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Welcome dinosoarmiteatyahoo.

    You're right, that's just a guess.

  • dinosoarmiteatyahoo

    If there is international collusion in international child molestation, somebody can act internationally, at the the minimum to remove the tax exempt status of the nonprofit group in collusion. Now who might that be?

    I do hope you boys in Bethel and your local angels are losing a lot of sleep......... whatever the Big Surprise may be....................... ...

  • Legolas

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  • Lilycurly

    I agree that child molestation is a horrible thing...but it just seems so out-there to regular ranks and files. For people who have never experienced or witnessed that, it's just another "imperfection", because as they love to say, they are just humans, and it happens everywhere. I know for sure, that if it's related to that subject it won't ruffle a feather, at least for my dad.

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