A little bit of news about the "Big News"

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  • ringo5

    Nothing wrong with a bit of anticipation unless it's "expectation delayed", we all know about that....

    Personally, I don't see me doing anything with THE BIG NEWS(at least right away) as far as my family goes. Calling them up and saying " See!!!! I told you they were up to no good!!" would just make me look more like a frothing postate anyway.

  • oldflame
  • oldflame


    You got that one right, the last time when dateline did their thing, that was just how I was treated, so this time it has got to be good or I am just keeping my mouth shut, atleast to the witnesses.

    To be perfectly honest I am not even sure if I care anymore if the borg shut down or other JW's come out. I have shared all my knowledge of their lies to other witnesses and they are still in, so I am not so sure that anything else will bring them out either.

    I figure that people just got to smart enough to look for themselves, I think that in them doing that, they will except more because it was done on their own rather than from someone who is considered an apostate which I am not one of. I still have a love for the Lord, infact a deeper love than which I had when involved with the WTBS........

  • YoursChelbie
    the release of the "Big News''
    we were told months ago that it would be mid-December

    So, someone other than you will be in control of the release of the Big News? SHould we be looking to a TV report or a periodical to learn of the BIg News?


  • Nosferatu

    Hey, another thread about the BIG NEWS!!!

  • diamondblue1974

    First it was 1914 15th December and now the dates shifted again....sounds vaguely familiar


  • oldflame

    Ditto: It's called Dateline 2003 And I'll edit to say that the hype was bigger than the news. The news about the sex offenders was good news but I thought that dateline could of done a better job. Afterall the Catholics even get headlines news but the WTBS somehow seems to get to by pass worldwide news (media) I just don't get that one at all...............Gumbys right damn Bastards LOL

  • AuldSoul

    To have a real impact the news will have to affect public perception in a way that isn't currently going on with a multitude of other things. There is a hefty segment of society that is hungry for scandal and we've been stuck in figurative rerun season for many years. It is time for a new scandal to make the scene that will make the media scandal hounds wet their pants with anticipation.

    Our focus, whatever it is, should be on reaching the public first. If public perception swings our way, we open doors in many other respects as well. We are unfunded and disorganized, and I would consider it a HUGE success if we can even DENT this behemoth of a Corporate Entity.


  • zagor

    Any update???

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