Would an Book on Rutherford really be worthwhile?

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  • VM44

    I have to make a decision now as to continue researching Judge Rutherford with a view of writing a book, or just let him go (after all, he died 63 years ago!)

    What do people here think?

    Would a book about Rutherford be a worthwhile project? or just a waste of time and money? (The amount of money required to research Rutherford is not insignificant!)

    I ask this because I am sure that many witnesses today could care less about Rutherford, with "Rutherford who?" being said if his name is mentioned. But there might be a few who would indeed want to read about "The Judge".

    Decisions, Decisions!


  • minimus

    I love reading about the Dead Presidents.

  • Woodsman

    Make it an ebook and sell it cheap.

  • VM44

    hi minimus,

    Well speaking of Dead Presidents, the initial research cost would be about one dead George president for each of the posts I have made here up to now (about 1400), this is what I mean about the cost involved not being insignificant!


  • VM44


    Yes, that is a possibility. Lulu.com offers a way to publish either "books on demand" or downloadable ebooks.


  • BeelzeDub

    A couple of years ago there was someone from this site that was working on a book. Can't remember who it was or if the book was ever published.

    If you decide to go forward I may be able to help you out with some of the info on his early life as I have done some research in that area and then lost interest. I know where he grew up, have visited the location of the town, farm & church that he attended, his parents are burried in the cemetery adjacent to the farm. I know where he attended school and the law firm where he worked before going to NY. I live close to where he grew up and lived prior to going to new york so I have access to historical libraries in the area.

    Of course we would have to negotiate royalties from any profits made from the book.

  • Reluctant Buddha
    Reluctant Buddha

    No interest in Rutherford can be found.

  • geevee

    There is a book about 4 wt presidents by edmund gruss. Have you read that and do you have extra info, if so I would volunteer to proof read!!

  • VM44

    HaHa, yes, you might be right Reluctant Buddha.

    Or, the ten people who would be interested in a Rutherford book are all here at JWD!


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    VM44 - you have a PM.

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