Bedridden morbidly obese people

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  • diamondblue1974
    Apparently, humans are not exclusively enabled in this way...

    That poor cat!!!!

  • MsMcDucket

    That's what you call a "fat cat". Here they had me thinking that a fat cat was dude with lots of money!

  • Abaddon

    I think about 5% of people with a significant excess of weight have a pre-existing physical condition that leads them to accumilate weight. Everyone else, at the end of the day, is eating too much and doing too little. This is not to say we should all be skinny and identical; some people are genuinely 'large-boned' and will never be slim, others are naturally slim. There is not a 'right' body weight, just a healthy RANGE of body weights for a given height, which range from nice and 'athletic' and pleasingly rounded. But extreme overweight normally takes eating LOADS.

    I used to work with a woman who ate two boxes of doughnuts and three two liter bottles of Coke in a morning (and then go and have lunch); she was sat in an office with a glass wall right in front of me. She was huge - and had no medical condition other than those caused by being obese. She had to browse the entire time, it was not nice.

    Most people, if they are overweight, need to do more and eat less. There's no 'magic' in this, it's maths, and the genetic variation in metabolisms probably has a smaller effect on one's ability to lose weight than a person' own self-control and drive. Of course, this is not to say that eating less and doing more is easy - there's a multimillion dollar industry built around endless variations of 'do more eat less', although most are flawed as they try to make it sound easy, so end up concentrating on the 'eat less'.

  • rebel8

    This is a bit off topic but I'm going to say it anyway.

    I could do with some improvement in my eating habits and my husband needs to lose weight and make a permanent change in his eating habits. I went to and it is awesome. They have daily tracking sheets you can print out that list how much of each food group you should be eating. We are trying to stick to that now. It also tells you to get at least 30 mins. of moderate exercise per day.

    IMO most Americans are under the impression they are supposed to be eating tons of meat. This is not healthy. The food pyramid says to eat approx 5 oz per day. Most Americans eat more than that in one meal alone, and portion sizes keep growing. (Is McDonald's really serving a King Kong sized burger now or was that a joke on their commercial?)

    If you want to read a perspective on the history of meat marketing in the US, read the book Diet for a Small Planet. She claims the concept we need to eat so much meat came from generations past who were told to buy more meat, but the real purpose was to keep the cattle and pig farmers in business and the govt supported that. It is not the most objective book, but it is very interesting. She makes some very unusual points, sometimes a bit over the top but a good read.

  • Buster
    A bedridden lump cannot possibly round up the 30- to 60-thousand calories a day some of these behemoths ingest
    are you serious?

    Serious as a heart attack. 60,000 calories was the estimate of one 700+ pounder. Taht was the amount he was puttin' away as he was gaining. You can't do that without help.

  • Elsewhere

    Are you sure that wasn't 6,000 calories?

    60,000 calories would be 17.8 pounds of pure butter!

  • stillconcerned

    Did anyone look at those websites re FEEDERS?

    That was DISGUSTING.

    Enuf to give me an eating disorder....

  • FlyingHighNow

    MsMcDuck, are you a nurse?

  • Buster

    Elsewhere: Positive

    Of course I cannot attest to the validity of 60,000 calories. But I remember that that is what he said. I know it sounds absurdly high.

  • wednesday

    I thought a few might find this interesting. I get updates from and this article discusses weight loss and genes. I was unable t copy this and put it up , so if someone can I thnk it would be a great article to read, espically if you struggle with your weight despite your best attempts at dieting and exercise.


    could not believe how far back this thread was

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