International Convention Scam ...

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  • Jez

    Here is a question:

    So, she finds out that she needs to pay X amount for this international convention, yah? Now do they ask her to send the money directly to the WBTS and they will take care of all the details from their end of things, and then mail her the plane ticket, accomodation, and other details ?


  • RunningMan

    My mother has been on several of them - twice to Australia/New Zealand, and once to eastern Europe. Yes, they are expensive, but they are not a scam. The assemblies are free, as always. But, the trip can run into quite a bit of money. Hotels, air fare, meals, and transfers are not cheap. You need to be in good standing, but the criteria is lowered if they haven't sold enough tickets. I'm not sure where the profits go, whether there is a witness run tour company some where, or what.

  • heathen

    You would think that the congregation would hold that up as a reward for something , like being pioneer of the month .To them it's like visiting family so I could understand the wanting to go part . Of course they do come back with a big head and the envy of everybody .

  • Virgogirl

    Taylor, I just hope they wouldn't put your Mom in some crappy hotel. It's very sweet of you to offer to take her yourself and look out for her!

  • startingover

    I am not a person who goes on tours, I make my own arrangements and like the experiences that allows, so back in the day when I was still a JW and they were promoting these trips, I always felt that if I wanted to go to a convention in Poland, I would go if I wanted to and would not need any approval from anyone.

    The assemblies are open to the public, what would keep me from attending even though not part of the official group? I remember hearing the prices and thoujght they were not a very good deal. Like heathen mentioned, there was a little bit of envy involved with those who couldn't afford the overpriced trip.

    This reminds me of the approval they now require to be able to work on a quick build. What a crock.

  • BluesBrother

    We went to Moscow with the Society's tour in the nineties. It was commented on by those travelling that the cost of the tour seemed high compared with regular holiday deals, we were given pretty accurate guide prices at the beginning , even if it was not a definite price .. As I recall the Society "Strongly discouraged" private travel arrangements.

    Each congo had a set of applications and each delegate had to be vetted by the service committee. This was for the charter travel, not admission to the assembly itself The notes made us smile when it said "Do not recommend oddities"! .. I guess they wanted control.. they wanted delegates who would look the part and "Encourage the local brothers" who were for the most part pretty new to it all.

    Why did we go? We wanted to be a part of something that at the time seemed very important and exciting, the restrictions had recently been lifted in that part of the world. ... We did have a wonderful time. we met so many people from allover the world and the arrangements went like clockwork..and of course we felt that any money was for a good cause

    OK, so I know better now, but I do have fond memories of the trip

  • blondie

    The travel agency that makes the arrangements for these trips is owned by the JW. They do not do it for cost. They make a profit and it is substantial. Just as in the arrangements for hotel rooms for the conventions held every year, there are freebies for some in the WTS who are part of this. Details on this I don't have.

    If you compare what a trip like this would cost from a non-JW vendor, are the prices competitive? I don't know, it has been a long time since I went on one and the rules have changed.

    As to attending conventions you are assigned to, why do you think the individual JW has to go to the secretary to get the hotel information for those other conventions? It is a control mechanism. They don't want JWs streaming to Hawaii or the Bahamas for a DC. It interferes with the rooming arrangements and the publications available to hand out (used to screw up the food arrangement too).


    km 12/04 p. 4 2005 "Godly Obedience" District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***
    Another Convention: To ensure that there is sufficient seating, literature, rooming accommodations, and so forth, publishers are encouraged to attend the convention to which their congregation is assigned. If circumstances require that you attend a different convention, please see your congregation secretary for the mailing address of the convention you will attend, which is printed on the back of the Special Needs Room Request form.


    km 1/84 p. 5 1984 "Kingdom Increase" District Convention ***
    District conventions are arranged at many locations to reduce travel. In nearly every case, the location assigned for you to attend is the one nearest your congregation. Seating, literature, food orders, and so forth, are planned on the premise that the majority will attend the convention to which they are assigned. However, if a few for important reasons must attend a location other than the one assigned, they may ask the convention coordinator in their congregation for the address of the convention headquarters where they wish to attend
  • heathen
    there are freebies for some in the WTS who are part of this.

    Yah , you probly have to hand over your frequent flyer miles .LOL I don't know , nothing about them would surprise me at this time . I would think unless you actually spoke german , you would not be selected to go to this particular assembly . How are you going to know what they are talking about?

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