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  • Taylor S.
    Taylor S.

    My mom said recently that she had 'applied' to go to the international conventions. Today she reported that she'd been approved. I asked how much it was gonna cost her. She said they haven't been informed yet. She going to Munich in June of next year.

    For a trip of that magnitude, unless your rich, that's right around the corner. She's already putting off getting rid of her old clunker for a new car, because of this impending expense. I almost unloaded today. If it wasn't for the knowledge that she'd be more hurt by the truth, I would have.

    Whatever figure they come back with, she so excited she'll gleefully pay it. I can't help but to wonder, how many other scams have they got going?

  • undercover
    My mom said recently that she had 'applied' to go to the international conventions. Today she reported that she'd been approved.

    I remember back in the day, that you had to have the proper credentials before being allowed to go to these conventions. I remember that it was usually reserved for special pioneers (who had somebody sponser them $-wise), COs & wives, kiss-ass elders and wives and a few other dignitary types.

    But I too just heard about some family members of mine that got accepted to an international convention. I thought that it was a little out of the ordinary. For years this family was not what you would consider a exemplary JW family. None of their kids stuck with the religion. They've had several issues with local elders and have taken sides in the Kingdom Hall battles when different factions got to fighting. Who would recommend them? Where's the money coming from (they're retired)?

    I can't help but think that the WTS has turned International Conventions (registered trademark) into some kind of money making scheme aimed at the older ones of the faith, who wouldn't question spending retirement money on Kingdom Work (another registered trademark). They think they are part of something special, but it's just another convention just like the one back home, except your in a foreign land. And it's not like your getting to see anything other the inside of coliseum or hotel room for 90 percent of the time your there.

    I maybe over-reacting, but it smells to me.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Today she reported that she'd been approved

    Beggars belief somewhat.....

  • katiekitten

    I remember our local district assembly being an 'international' once when I was a kid. About two people got to wear some african costume, everyone else had to wear Laura Ashley ankle and neck hugger dresses. It was a right swizz.

  • Jez

    LOL, it has turned into the same scenario as public verses private health care. Those that 'have' verses those that 'have not'. The private care provided by the society cost more, but is organic spiritual food because it is delivered in such a more special manner by more special people.

    The rich spiritual blessings obtained at these international conventions are now truly, only for the rich.


  • tijkmo

    its not a scam...and its ya mas money and she will have a great time

    plus she could take in a couple of games at the football world cup

  • MidwichCuckoo
    MidwichCuckoo I missing something? Are these 'Conventions' a 'tickets only'? God's Word not FREE anymore?

  • undercover
    The rich spiritual blessings obtained at these international conventions are now truly, only for the rich.

    Well, that's the problem. I think that's why Taylor is upset. And it makes me wonder about the people that I know. These people aren't rich, but they're willing to put off other things that they "need" in order to make to one of these conventions.

    It's no different than a tele-evangelist who cons some poor old lady through her television set to send in a hundred dollars to him in order to receive a special cloth for praying with, over or whatever. The conventions, whether they're in the States, the UK, Africa, Japan or Australia are pretty much the same. The "Internation" versions are hyped up to be something that could fool some unsuspecting person into spending the money to be able to brag that they "got" to go.

  • TheListener

    Every so often the society asks for individuals to attend a convention in a country other than their own. They ask for volunteers. This latest example is for some from the U.S. (other places?) to attend specific conventions in Europe next year. The society sets up all travel arrangements, you pay the cost.

    If you are a local then of course you can attend the convention. If you're from out of the country and trying to make your own plans to attend the convention, then no, you are not really welcome but won't be turned away at the door.

    It's supposed to be an upbuilding privilege. This year they had to lower the requirements for applying 3 times. It seems that the money is drying up in more than one way.

  • Taylor S.
    Taylor S.

    I agree undercover ... it smells, it smells.

    And why the long process to find out HOW MUCH? It's a trap to get her all excited about a trip to Munich, then they slap her with the cost. A trip which, whatever the cost, i'm sure she could make better arrangements for on her own. It sucks to see your aging mom taken advantage off ... and by one of the things loves most.

    I'm gonna do everything I can to squash this trip. If she wants to go to Munich, then we'll make the arrangements ourselves ... no covention, just us.

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