Talking about a person, at their funeral, "how taboo!"

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  • TopHat

    My daughter in law died less than a month ago from cancer. I couldn't attend as I had to stay home with a sick pet. My son and daughter in law live 2000 miles away. So my Husband was allowed to video the service at the KH. There was a Photo board put up at the entrance and many photos of her life as she lived it. The Elder that gave the talk read a long and loving memorial letter my son wrote and the Elder had many nice memories of her on his own he told to the room of half non JW listeners. and then went on to speak of the resurrection hope. I thought it was good. Later, all the Witnesses who attended and some who didn't came by to leave food at their house and to comfort my son.

  • daniel-p

    Yes, I think the personal/impersonal ratio of the memorial outline is, and has been, quite low for a while. This is just one more heartless and ignorant thing the WTS does. They are really shooting themselves in the foot with this since they are removing one of the most basic functions of religion - to help people cope with death and provide a forum for grieving. Instead, they turn it into Resurrection Hope 101.

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