Talking with 9th Grade JW Niece

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  • Mysterious

    Even if your SIL stubbornly holds onto the society you can bet you made an impact on your niece. As long as you make sure she gets an education and holds on to her hopes and dreams she will come out of it okay I'm sure.

  • LDH

    There is hope. Your sister has been thrown out of an organization twice, but went back. You know she has her own doubts, and now you've given her more!

    RE: the niece--this is amazing. No wonder she is so lifeless, all hope of the future had been sucked out of her. It would be great to get your address, I would love to send her a Christmas gift. Every kid deserves something. Please PM it to me or email it to me. [email protected]

    You are a sharp cookie and brave too.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It's amazing how some people can identify the truth when they hear it yet so many others turn a deaf ear.

  • carla

    Good job!!! You planted a few seeds!

  • hamsterbait

    Hamstergod will empty all blessings from his cheekpouches upon you, who are striving to save a life.


  • DanTheMan

    So niece turned her frown upside down when she heard a grownup tell her something other than "we really need to trust Jehovah and the organization"? Good to hear! She knows it's a crock, she just can't articulate it yet. You can, and you did, and you've opened up a whole new world for her. Fantastic job!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Just a quick note.

    I didn't mean to upset people by saying I didn't want my niece to be a plumber or auto mechanic. I know both of those jobs pay very well and would provide for her....but this is not her dream.

    Our niece wants to be a Veterinarian. She loves animals and has a very special gift with them. They seem to automatically trust her and come to her. She has nursed a cat that she found in the woods back from near death. All of our animals love her - we have 4 cats and 2 dogs.

    Even her mother knows she wants to be a Vet, and we are in a great place for her to fulfill her dreams because we are near to an Agricultrual High School that has a Veterinarian program and we are very close to all the Veterinarian Colleges...unfortunately, my SIL feels there will be no need for Veterinarians in the new system.

    I am not going to give up on my nagging now that I know what's going on at their house. My husband and I were really upset that our niece is going to be forced to do something she doesn't want to do. My husbands sister will listen to him, and holds his opinion very highly.

    If its about money why she can't go, we will find out and help.

    I am going to stop by SIL's house this afternoon and I will update everyone after I talk to her.


  • Jankyn

    Bravo, Why Georgia!

    There's nothing like a ray of light from an adult to keep a depressed JW teen from giving up.


  • GoingGoingGone

    I'm so happy to read about the impact you made on your niece! There are few things sadder than a young person without hope... and the JWs destroy the dreams that young people have for themselves for the future.

    I'm sure that your support would mean the world to this girl right now. Let her know that you are there for her and will help her. There are all kinds of scholarship programs out there and from what you wrote, she qualifies for a ton of them. I'm going to send you a pm.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Well I have found out why my niece is not being allowed to go to the Agricultural High School and it is really a despicable reason!

    My SIL doesn't want to drive her 15 minutes and get her a** out of bed in the morning. She is going to go to the Vocational School because they have a bus that will take her and pick her up - even though its further from her home. My SIL has a working car, she could do this!

    I am going to sit down with our niece this weekend and ask her what she wants and if she wants my husband and I to go to battle for her. If her answer is yes...then I know it will cause more stress and tension in our already divided family. But my husband and I feel that if this is really what our niece wants then it is worth all the problems that may come.

    I am really angry about this whole situation. This poor girl is always 3rd or 4th in her family. My SIL has 3 children. One is developmentally disabled with Aspergers Syndrome - 20 years old. My SIL drives 2 hours each way to bring him home each weekend - he's very high functioning....but she won't do this for her daughter!! Her other son, is a budding pedophile. He's 10 and has been molested and already molested other children and she drives him to councilling 2 times a week. Our niece has to share a room with her mother in a 3 bedroom apartment because my SIL wants the 2 boys to have their own rooms - even though one of them is there on the weekends only and the other goes to his fathers on the weekend!!!!! No wonder our niece is so freaking angry all the time!!

    It's ridiculous and to me it feels so abusive. I am so mad. My husbands sister is so selfish!

    So that's the latest on this situation. I will keep everyone updated after I talk to our niece this weekend.

    Thank you!


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