Talking with 9th Grade JW Niece

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  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Last night we went to visit my SIL and her 3 kids. My SIL is a JW but very nice and never pushes her beliefs upon anyone else. She's been DF'd 2-3 times but is currently reinstated.

    I was trying to talk with our niece. It's hard because she only answers in 1-2 word responses and is not an overly warm and friendly girl. She's can see it all over her face and by her actions.

    I asked her what she was studying in school and which school she was going to the regular high school or the the trade high school. The kids who are going to college go to the regular school and the kids who aren't go to the trade school to try and learn something to support themselves. Our niece is currently at the regular high school getting fantastic grades. Then SIL goes on to tell us how Niece will be taken out so she can learn a skill because there is no need for college with the end so near. I acting dumb...say what do you mean? SIL says well Armageddon is coming and college would be a waste of time and money. I said oh, is the society saying that again? She says...Again? I say...Well you know they predicted the end of things in 1925, 1975 etc and it never's in the literature. Suddenly Niece, who hasn't said more than 2 questioning me...Is that true? I said yes the society has said the end is coming over and over again. They even built a house for all the prophets to live in in Las Angelees called Beth Sarim, and at one time they said no transplants and no blood at all and now you can have blood fractions, they even used to celebrate birthdays and Christmas. You can't really trust the society because they keep changing things. My SIL is red faced and says...You have to trust Jehovah. I said I trust Jehovah but I don't trust those guys in Brooklyn - Jehovah never changes what he says - the governing body is always changing their mind. Where do they get off saying dates when the Bible says no man knows the time or the date...She says, you are right about that. Then I said...You know they were even part of the UN...and I tell her the basics of the UN thing. Sister in law says really...I say really. SIL has gone a little white....

    Husband sat there and didn't say anything. He was very interested in what was on TV and quiet...LOL! This is the sister that could rip me limb from limb if she wanted. LOL! I really like her because she will open her mouth if something is wrong.

    She didn't get mad at what I said...she just looked really shocked because I don't think she knew some of those things. Our niece looked happier than I have ever seen her.

    So we go on to talking about lighter things...then my SIL says to us...You know today is my birthday. I said, Happy Birthday if I had known I would have brought you a present. She says, you already did - thank you for visiting.

    Our niece, who never hugs - hugged me and said...Thank you so much! I'm so glad you came! I was a little shocked by her being like that because as I said...she is one cold kid.

    My SIL and the kids live in public assistance housing there areabout 14 duplexes in a circle...every duplex except theirs was decorated with Christmas lights & decorations. It made me feel really sad and I thought how hard it must be for my niece and nephews to be the only ones who don't believe and what it must be like for them to ride the bus. Especially when the kids are encouraged by my MIL to tell people they are JW's and don't celebrate and witness at every opportunity.

    I'm hoping some of what I said will sink in....I don't want our niece to be forced to be a plumber or car mechanic as my SIL is talking about. She's such a smart kid. I have also long suspected that SIL came back to the WTS only because my MIL would not speak to her or the kids at all when she was DF'd. SIL really needed the family and was going through a really hard time in life - being reinstated was what she had to do to get help.


  • Golf
  • Golf

    WG, greetings and welcome. Your SIL and I have something in common, its' in the first paragraph. I really don't know her situation, therefore my comment will be limited.

    By being kind and gentle with her she will draw her own conclusions. The material that Barbara will share with the forum will give her soemthing to think about. Not many things takes place/happen with a snap of the finger.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Hi Golf,

    My SIL was Df'd for smoking and for living with a man and having a child while she wasn't married. She did these things while she was away and not stumbling anyone but they DF'd her anyway.

    I guess when you come back you have to repent and go through a much for the prodigal son. They did the same thing to my husband....jerks!


  • blondie

    Why Georgia, is your niece baptized? Encourage her to hold off. Also, let her know that she can go to the guidance counseler and find out what she can do to get into college without her parents support. Get signed up for the SATs and ACT tests. Find out what classes she needs to take. Find out what scholarships she qualifies for. What financial resources there are. Not all teenagers, even non-JW, have parents or parents who support their going on with their education, some don't have the money. Can you help her, say living with you, if her parents kick her out at 18 because of this?


  • bigmouth
  • bigmouth

    Why Georgie that,s brilliant!Sounds like just the tonic your niece needed and sis is definitely having doubts.

    Just one thing.......(I don't want our niece to be forced to be a plumber or car mechanic)These are fairly well paid and sought after jobs over here,don't tell me you want her to be a lawyer or a medical specialist of some sort.Come to think of it, we can always do with more lawyers.Pete

  • Es

    Wow thats great...good job hopefully this is only the beginning


  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    wow that's a great experience! i'm surprised at how receptive they were to your apostasy...


  • misspeaches

    How about that! Sometimes the timing can be just perfect. You've reached your niece it would appear.... Remember that she is still delicate though. Try let her initiate any conversations with you on these matters of let her overhear you talking to your SIL. Congratulations as well. You must have felt really satisfied after that!

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