Using God's name in vain

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  • These3Words

    I"ve always wondered why JW's use God's first name, "Jehovah" if that's what his first name really is, and is spelled correctly? People usually don't call their father's by their first name.Isn't that disrespectful? Shouldn't we call him "Heavenly Father?That way it applies to whatever higher power you believe in?

    Matthew 15:9. Jesus States:"It is in Vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach commands of men as doctrines'."

    Webster's Dictionary:"Vain" Pretentious display".

    I'm curious how the JW's can use the Lord's name in vain to spread their Religious agenda?

    I have many problems with the JW's Religion, but this one has been bothering me for a long time!!

    One more question, if I may? A Mormon friend of mine wants to know why there are no windows in the Kindom Hall's? Does anyone have an answer?

  • Quentin
    A Mormon friend of mine wants to know why there are no windows in the Kindom Hall's? Does anyone have an answer?

    Vampires like the dark...

  • nicolaou

    Everyone uses god's name in vain!

  • skyman

    The outside is scary Big Bad World out there and the devil is out there? No the main reason it Hall are cheaper to build with out window and ther are alot of JW's churches that have windows all over the place.

  • defd

    The halls are not Churches skyman. Are you SURE you were an Elder?


  • skyman

    Bull look up the word in the Dictionary. Congregation and Church have the exact same meaning. Obviously he is a non WT is do as the Romans while in Rome.

  • skyman

    To answer your question about the GODS name the JW's feel strongly that one needs a personal relationship with GOD like Abraham had. If you are close to some one you call him by his first name and not by a title. Jesus said that Gods name was to be made know through out the earth how can this be done if you use a title? Only by using that name can you make it known.

  • These3Words

    I remember as a kid in the "Lie" I mean "truth" Parts of the Dead sea scrolls were found and Jehovah's name was in them. I have a copy of the inglish translated version of the Dead sea scrolls and I can't find that name anywere? It's not even in the famous Psalm 83:18;. How do we know thats his name in english for sure?

  • Mysterious

    I don't necessarily think that it is using god's name in vain to make reference to it. That particular verse seems to me to be more loaded as blasphemy than anything else. That being said it is certainly pretentious. Of course JWs justify this by saying how can you be close to someone whose name you do not know. You can know your parents name but you wouldnt refer to them by that right?

  • These3Words

    I think you will find this article very compelling:

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